Monday, May 18, 2015

Creed: 28 weeks

My sweet boy you are 28 weeks old! We finally had your 6 month check up on Friday. You are 18#7oz and 27 inches long! You are growing like a weed! When I took you into the church nursery yesterday, two of the workers both said you liked like you had grown a bunch since last week.  You got three shots and they upset you for less than minute and then your were back to your old happy self! You are such a tuff little dude! And much to my surprise you had thrush. Uhhh, didn't see that one coming! But a few days of medicine will clear that all up! Twice this week you pulled yourself up...It totally SHOCKED me!!!You are still super close to crawling; you will pull your knees up and lunge forward. As soon as you figure out how to move those hands you will be gone and all over the place. You can get from a crawling position back to sitting position very well now! You started waving bye-bye this week and you shake you head NO like crazy when we tell you to! I just love watching you grown and learn new things; its so fun! 

 Could you look any more grown up?!?!
 Chewing on those favorite thing to do!

 You have the sitting up thing mastered these days!

 oh look my shoe string.......
 Creed....look at mommy!
Oh...found my fingers again!
 Oh....there's that shoe again.........
 Well let me get out of here........
 ohhhh theres my favoirte chair......
 Let me lounge for it!
 Oh hey mom! You still there?!?
 Let me see where I can go now......
 Uhhhh you and that camera are every where lady.........
Okay I will give ya one last smile!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creed: 27 weeks

5-12-15: 27 weeks and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I can't think of better way to celebrate turning 27 weeks old than celebrating Mother's Day too! It was one year ago this very weekend we told the girls and our family that you were in my tummy! We have been through lots from the pregnancy up until this point but it was ALL worth it. 

My baby boy you look half grown here! And YES your shoes are on the wrong foot....MY BAD!!!
Daddy and those silly sisters stealing your attention,lol!

I just LOVE your half crooked smile! MELTS ME!
Poor Sick daddy was such a sport on Mother's Day. He was so weak and tired from having the stomach bug all weekend, but he still took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! You got to sit in the high chair like a big boy!
You were into everything and dropped everything a hundred times! Every time I took a bit of my french toast you opened wide,lol! Maybe next year I will share them with ya!
The Mother's Day Planter you made me at school! OMG it melted me to see your sweet little foot prints!

Saturday we were suppose to head to Fayetteville to watch Amy Jo graduate, but daddy was up all Friday night/Saturday morning with the stomach bug so that caused a big change of plans! So Saturday morning we had some unplanned free time so I you and hit up Walmart and I decided to let you try and ride in the buggy like a big boy. OH MY did you LOVE it!!! You had a blast looking around, talking to people, playing with your toys. It was just precious to watch you be so excited!
My little camera ham!
It was also Papaw's birthday so you helped him open his present!
I think you will be a pro at that way before your 1st birthday!
And since you can sit up now the girls begged me to let you sit in the bath tub and let them in too. Even though it was crowded in were on cloud nine!
This silly spatula is your favorite toy and it cracks me up since we have a house full of crap to actually play with,lol!
MC said.....mommy take a picture and put it on Instagram and say.....Rub a dub dub....Three kids in the tub! Totally cracked me up! This Mother's Day may have not gone as planned.....but it was still perfect!
And this week..... we advanced from the sippy cup with hands to a real sippy cup! You held it like a champ I tell ya!
LOVE this picture that day care sent me yesterday! You are just so pretty!
Tuesday Uncle Brian and Colton came to watch MC's ball games and you had a blast playing with Colton!
You have been rocking on your hands and knees for about 2 weeks now and this weekend you started putting a plank in there! It amazes me how strong you are little man! You remind me so much of MC as a baby; she did this same stuff. She never really crawled; she just stood up at 8 months and started walking! I am not really ready for a walking baby yet! We got a lot of baby proofing to do before that starts!
Aunt Paige gave you one of Greer's old toys and you LOVED it!!! It cracked me up how you started waving your hands just like the bear did!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Micah Claire: MAY ( 7 Years 8 months)

May 4th, 2015: Micah Claire, I don't even know where to start my dear. Time is flying by and you are busier than ever! You are working hard to make the gymnastics competitive team, so this month you have gymnastics twice a week for 2-3 hours on top of choir, church activities, softball practice twice a a week and 2 games a week. I feel more like your chauffeur than anything else these days! The other day I picked you up from school and you and I went and spent almost 2 hours together before we picked up the other crazy Cowart kids! It was fun to just giggle and talk with ya over a Sonic slush! You mind works non-stop these days I tell ya and you are very much boy crazy! You are growing by leaps and bounds! You are almost up to my shoulders and that just tickles you pink! You still love school and are still making all A's! Math has not been your strong point but this last nine weeks you have really started enjoying it! Last night we toward the school you will be moving to next year for 2nd grade............SECOND GRADE.....HOLY COW!!! It seems like a bigger school and things seem more spread out but it actuality its probably the same as the school you are in now..... and it's just this mommy's crazy imagination running wild! You are so ready for 
the summer: you are ready to go camping, hit the beach, take swim lessons, 
and attend your very first summer camp!  

Love this crinkled little nose!

You had so much fun at breakfast with Cinderella!

Last week 1st grad had filed day at your school and you had a BLAST doing all the water sports!

We got your last mid nine weeks progress report! I can't believe in 3 weeks we will be getting your last 1st grade report card! We are so proud that you always try your best but mostly that your teacher tells us how sweet and helpful you are to her and the other students!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kinley: MAY ( 4 years 7 months)

May 1st 2015: I mean.....yep...another month has just shot right by us! And the faster it goes; the happier you get. You are so excited to turn 5.  You told daddy the other day you could just skip kindergarten and go to first grade because you already know how to spell: April, Mom, Dad, and Kinley.  You told Nana you couldn't wait to be in 1st grade and in the choir because you had some good moves you needed to show them. Ohh sweet Kinley Beth, you are just something else I tell ya! You are truly coming into your own....which is good and not so good,lol! You are loving softball these days. Last night you got three fantastic hits from your coach's pitch. One ball you smacked over 3rd base! Daddy and I were so impressed.  Apparently you impressed yourself so much you decided those hits earned you an icee.  And of course daddy went to get your one.......but the machine was broken.  Thankfully you settled for a popsicle! Brooklyn and Madi are your bffs and you talk about them non-stop. And some days Aiden is your boyfriend and some days it's Henry,lol! 

Your teacher said.......Kinley if you could give your sister anything, what would it be? You replied tape! She asked why tape and you said.......So I could tape her mouth shut! OMG I about wet my pants when she told me that! You are a total nut Kinley Cowart and I love every silly bit of you!!!!
Only 5 months till 5 years old!

You just had to photo bomb sisters picture which cracked me up and ticked MC off,lol!
uhhhh you look so grown here!
You two cracked me up trying to balance on Aunt Paige's tire swing!

You silly girls!
Your dance recital costume came in last week and you got to try it on! You are soooo excited about doing your tap dance up on that big stage for everyone!
You and Madi......still besties! You are two crazy peas in a pod!
Last Saturday our local high school hosted breakfast with Cinderella and it was awesome! Yall had pancakes, fruit, juice and you each got your very own little glass slipper keepsake!

You and the evil step sisters!

They even gave yall a rose with a poem attached! 

I LOVE this picture of me coaching 1st base and you trying really hard to adjust your socks.....typically Kinley Bugs!