Friday, March 28, 2008

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Another Fun Week

This week has been another week of firsts. On Sunday, the Easter Bunny came to see Micah Claire for the first time. Monday was our dreaded 6 month shots. Luckily, they went better this time. Thank goodness she has no more shots till she's a year old. On Tuesday, Mimi came to stay the day with her. On Wednesday night, Nana and Poppa Stan came over for Poppa Stan's birthday dinner. ( I wont say how old he is now; but he's older than 54 and younger than 56) On Thursday Micah Claire got her first taste of green beans. She took to them with no problem (my little veggie eater!) For the last 2 weeks we have been trying to teach her how to suck from the sippy cup. It has been very entertaining to watch. But, Thursday night she mastered it! And, for the best news of all....... Micah Claire is finally sleeping!!!!! She will now sleep from 8:30 till 4:30 straight!!!! Then eat and go back to sleep till I have to wake her at 7:30!!!!! If you can't tell, her Mommy is VERY excited about these new sleeping hours.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Veggie Girl!!!!

On Thursday night we started Micah Claire on carrots. As you can see, she took to them instantly. This girl loves her veggies, which makes her mommy (the dietitian) very proud!!! And, finally after a week of offering her bananas she will eat them without throwing a fit. This week Micah has started (what I call) bear crawling. She walks on her hands and her feet with her bottom straight up in the air. It's truly a sight to behold! (I sure hope that's normal) I have had several people ask to see pictures of Micah Claire's teeth. It's so hard to get her to smile and really show them off. But, if you look really hard at the first picture you can see them.

Micah Claire was suppose to have her 6 month check up and shots today. But, lucky for her Dr. Slay canceled her appointment. So now her shots aren't until Monday. Which means mommy has to dread it for 3 more days.

Micah Claire is all set for her first Easter. We bought her a little yellow Easter basket, just in case the Easter Bunny stops by our house Sunday morning! Tomorrow we are heading to Mimi and Poppa Mike's house for an Easter egg hunt with Emily and Colton. Sunday it will be Easter church and then out to eat with Nana and Poppa Stan at Cracker Barrel!!! It'll probably be another fast and furious weekend that is over before it even starts.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bumps, Bruises and Scrapes

This week has been full of big spills and big tears for Micah Claire (and of course Mommy too). She tried to climb up on her rocking chair and fell; which left her very first bruise on her left cheek. Then she tried to leap across her crib and that put two marks on her forehead. Next she stood up on her own and apparently tried to take a step. Of course that left her flat on her face with a scratched red nose. Last but not least, she tried to climb up her closet shelves and fell into her baby gate. Which took a chunk out her left eyelid. Poor child!

This week we introduced Micah Claire to bananas. She did not like them one little bit. I thought maybe she would develop a taste for them after a few days, but I was WRONG! She will scream bloody murder if you even try to give her a bite.

On Friday night Micah Claire attended her 1st ever Patterson Federal Credit Union member's meal. Of course it was scheduled right during her nap time, so she was not the most pleasant member there. But, she did win a variety bucket of brittle during the drawing!!!! This Friday is our 6 month check-up and shots. I am dreading it all ready. At least this will be our last shots till she's one year old!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Long Week

Micah Claire turned 6 months old last Tuesday. She now weighs 16# 13oz and she's 26 3/4 inches long. When we woke Tuesday it was lightly snowing outside, but we so busy getting ready for work that we didn't have time to enjoy it. Then by Wednesday morning Micah Claire woke with a fever. I just assumed she was teething, so I gave her some Tylenol and sent her on to the baby sitters. Of course I was wrong about the teething. By midnight she was really sick. We had a runny nose, watery eyes and a fever of 102 degrees. It took us almost 2 hours to get her fever down. Thank goodness Nana was here to help us. She stayed up with Micah till 5 a.m. so that Shawn and I could get some sleep. By 8:30 on Thursday morning we were at Dr. Perrin's office. Dr. Perrin said she had a little virus, but NO ear infection!!!!! By Friday morning I was sick too. Then we got another snow that afternoon, but this time we were both to sick to go out and enjoy it. Saturday we introduced Micah Claire to sweet peas. She absolutely loved them, as you can tell!!! She is now into everything and pulling up on everything.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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It's another Claire

Nana & Poppa have a new baby goat. They said she is so pretty that she had to be named Claire; so now we have 2 Claire's in the family! Micah Claire didn't really know what to think about Claire. She liked her from a far. But, when Claire got close to her she would bust out crying. Now that Micah Claire is crawling she is in to EVERYTHING!!!! In a matter of seconds she can be across the room and into something she doesn't need to be. So, Monday I stuck her in a diaper box so that I could go the bathroom in peace. Turns out she loved the box (who would have guessed). Now the box is her favorite toy. As much as diapers cost, I guess the box should double as a toy too. Last night she slept from 8:30 pm till 5:00am!!!!! We were thrilled!!!!! She is now having cereal at breakfast and dinner. We are going to add a veggie and a fruit this week. Time is just flying by. I can't believe she will be 6 months old on Tuesday.