Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bumps, Bruises and Scrapes

This week has been full of big spills and big tears for Micah Claire (and of course Mommy too). She tried to climb up on her rocking chair and fell; which left her very first bruise on her left cheek. Then she tried to leap across her crib and that put two marks on her forehead. Next she stood up on her own and apparently tried to take a step. Of course that left her flat on her face with a scratched red nose. Last but not least, she tried to climb up her closet shelves and fell into her baby gate. Which took a chunk out her left eyelid. Poor child!

This week we introduced Micah Claire to bananas. She did not like them one little bit. I thought maybe she would develop a taste for them after a few days, but I was WRONG! She will scream bloody murder if you even try to give her a bite.

On Friday night Micah Claire attended her 1st ever Patterson Federal Credit Union member's meal. Of course it was scheduled right during her nap time, so she was not the most pleasant member there. But, she did win a variety bucket of brittle during the drawing!!!! This Friday is our 6 month check-up and shots. I am dreading it all ready. At least this will be our last shots till she's one year old!!!


Beth said...

Poor baby! I am not looking forward to Presley's clumsy stage, but if she has her mom's coordination- she's gonna have more than a few scrapes. Good luck with the shots. Make daddy go, and stock up on the Tylenol!