Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Official

Well...... for the last 3 weeks Micah Claire has been saying "dada." And for the last 3 weeks I have been in denial about it. I just kept telling myself, she has no idea what's she's saying. Well, when we woke up Saturday morning she rolled over and smiled at Shawn and said Dada. Again, I just tried to blow it off and tell myself it was just a coincidence. But, I can't do that any more. Every time Shawn walks in a room or even by Micah Claire she squeals DADA. Maybe one day she'll get around to saying Momma.

Last week Micah Claire was taking 1-2 steps at a time. This week she is taking 6-8 steps at one time. It's so amazing to see how fast she is progressing! I sure wish she would master sleeping through the night. We were so close to doing it and then 2 more teeth decided to come in and screw-up our sleeping. If you happen to see Micah Claire, be sure to ask her to "give you 5." It's her newest trick. (Her daddy taught her to do this, so you can only imagine how proud he is of himself!)
This past week, we also started letting Micah Claire try to feed herself with a spoon. It's been very entertaining and very messy; but she is finally start to get the hang of it. The only problem is that when we are in a hurry & I am feeding her she tries to grab the spoon and take over. Which of course leads to food flying everywhere. I can honestly say there is never a dull moment in the Cowart house. If I've said it once I've said it a 100 times; Life use to be so simple and calm!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend is here!

This video was taken about 2 weeks ago (before Micah Claire started walking). It's so funny that I had to share it, even though it's a little out of date now. At this time, Micah Claire had been standing up for long periods of time by herself. So... her daddy thought it was time to teach her how to walk. So of course she was 100% uncooperative for him.

It's been a great week for us. On Saturday Micah Claire got to take her first dip in Nana and Poppa's swimming pool. Even though it was a little cold, she loved it! Then Saturday night Nana kept Micah Claire while daddy and I went to a church dinner with some other couples. Even though we missed our girl, we really enjoyed our time away with other adults! Then on Sunday we joined 2nd Baptist Church. We have been visiting there for a while and we finally decided it's where we want to be! On Monday Papaw & Ms. Debbie came by to check out Micah Claire's new walking skills. Friday we are head out to Lake DeGray to visit some of our friends who are in town for the long holiday weekend. I hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night Micah Claire took 2 steps all by herself and didn't fall!!!! Shawn and I were shocked, thrilled and amazed. As excited as I am, I know this means she will be 100% unstoppable pretty soon (Yikes!).

And guess who's back...... That's right, Tucker is back at the Cowart house. I have missed him sooooo much. But it's taken 8 months to be able to manage Micah Claire with another. Micah Claire loves Tucker. Tucker likes Micah Claire, but he doesn't like having to share toys with her.
(And, of course they send him back to us right in the midst of trying to potty train him. HELP! If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this I am up for anything.)

In the last few weeks we've started adding finger foods into Micah Claire's diet. She loves her Cheerio Puffs, Toast, Strawberries, and Sweat Peas (sometimes). It is so funny to see how hard she has to concentrate to pick up one little thing.

Lesson for this week: Keep toilet paper out of Micah Claire's reach!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Pictures!

We thought we would share some of our new favorite picutres of Micah Claire with you. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago by Dawn Simmons ( If you've never had pictures by Dawn, you should really go. She is GREAT!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lesson of the week: Properly ventilate your laptop!

Last Friday I turned our laptop on and did some work and after a while it just shut off. I turned it back on and did some more work and it shut off again. Then when I turned it on for the 3rd time it said "dumping hard drive memory" WHAT THE HECK??? Come to find out, we weren't properly ventilating our laptop and it over heated and fried the hard drive. YIKES! But, to make things worse; EVERY picture I have ever taken of Micah Clarie was on there. And, I had deleted a lot of the pictures from my camera to make room for new pictures. I was a nervous wreck all week waiting to see if the pictures could be retrieved. Thank the lord they were!!!! Shawn's friend Greg was able to get them for us (YEA FOR GREG!!!!!!!!). The laptop is a lost cause, but I could care less. I may feel different when I have to write the check for the new one, haha.

This week we started Micah Claire on blueberries.
And as you can tell she really liked them! This week Nana bought Micah Claire some bubbles.
Micah was fascinated by them. But she was a little shocked
that they didn't taste good!

If you remember a few months back we had a blog entitled "Mohawk baby." I thought I would update you on the mohawk situation. Although we've had lots of growth, it's mainly all still been right down the middle of her head, so she still our little Mohawk baby!