Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a week!

Are we there yet???

Nana is Micah Claire's biggest cheerleader

Micah Claire kept us entertained during visitation

1st trip to McDonalds!!!!

Finally home! Freshly bathed in & her princess bath robe!

Even though this week has flown by, it has been a long & exhausting one. My Papaw Stoner passed away this past Sunday morning. So, Tuesday morning we packed up and drove 3 hours to Helena. Surprisingly, Micah Claire did really well on the trip. We had visitation till after 8 pm, so it was almost 9pm when we finally got to our hotel room. Micah Claire was exhausted but the excitement of being in a new place kept her till almost 10:30pm. She did really well during the funeral, burial and lunch. She got to meet some great aunts & uncles, 1st, 2ND & 3rd cousins that she had never seen before. Wednesday morning we all ate breakfast at Mc Donalds. It was Micah Claire's first trip there! Nana says it doesn't count as her first trip because she didn't get to eat anything from there. The two days we were gone Micah Claire never got a full nap in, due to all the activity. But, on the way home she crashed. She slept the entire 3 hours back!!!!!