Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It took 43 weeeks.....

It has taken Micah Claire 43 weeks, but she is finally sleeping all night!!!! I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and couldn't believe she hadn't made a peep all night. I thought for sure something must have been wrong with her, so jumped up to check on her. All I found was her peacefully sleeping. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Micah Claire is officially off the bottle. So now when she's at the babysitters she takes her breast milk from a sippy cup!!!!! Our next goal is to get her off the passy. Right now we are only giving to her when she is going to sleep. Now that she isn't allowed to have it during the day she is just chattering up a storm. Her new word is Nana and she is trying to say Elvis (Nana's cat). If she says that dang cat's name before she says Momma, I think my heart will break. I mean how hard is it to say Momma!

I can't believe that Micah Claire will turn 10 months old this Friday. Time is just flying by. She is becoming miss independent these days. She thinks she climb on to or off of anything in the world. And buddy don't make the mistake of trying to help her because she will shake her hands and squeal at you (it's really cute!). Two times this week I was telling her no,no,no and she shook her hand at me and said NO! I was so shocked and impressed that she No back to me that I couldn't get mad at her. Nana kept her last week and was telling her not throw food on the floor and she shook her finger at Nana and said NO! I am afraid she's gonna be sassy (like her daddy of course)!

If you know Micah Claire very well you know that she is VERY picky about who she lets hold her. Usually it just me, Shawn, Nana, or Mae Alice who are allowed to hold her. But, over the last 3 weeks, she has turned into Poppa's girl. She will let Poppa take her from me, she will leave the house with him, she will go ride the Rhino with him, she will go to the goat pen with him. Now when she sees him she will squeal really loud and throw her arms up in air for him to pick her up. They are so cute together. Here are some of their pictures!