Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will our life every be calm again??????

I am beginning to wonder if life in the Cowart household will ever again be calm & predictiable. I know the answer is probably NO, but I am holding out some hope that it's possible.

Last Friday we had our Birthday Bash pictures with Ms. Dawn. All I can tell you is that Dawn Simmons has the patients of an angel. Micah Claire started the morning off by laying in the floor and screaming so hard I thought she was gonna throw up ( gotta love teething!). I thought after she got some Tylenol in her system and got a good 45 minute nap on the way to Dawns, that she would be okay. Well.... I was kinda right. She did pretty good for the first hour and then all heck broke lose and she turned back into the screamer! Of course that was right when it was time to take picture with her cake. Needless to say we didn't get too many pictures with the cake. But of course Ms. Dawn worked her magic and we got some GREAT pictures!!!!

On Sunday we had breakfast at church and then Sunday school. We decided it was time for us to get involved in Sunday school, so that means MC had to go to the nursery. Well, that did go over so well with MC. I no more walked into our Sunday school room than my pager went off. I thought I go sit with her for a few minutes and she would settle down and I could go back to our class, WRONG! She was running a fever (and of course I left her Tylenol at home) and she wanted me to hold her. Even when I held her she would just wine, poor baby. A few times she would venture off and play with the toys but she'd come right back to me. So, pretty much I spent all of Sunday school in the nursery and Shawn went to Sunday school by himself (poor daddy). The only good thing was that she was so worn out by church that slept threw the entire service. I am hoping that she will soon get use to be in the nursery and I can enjoy Sunday School!

Tuesday night I knew she was making some funny noises in her sleep, but I didn't give it too much thought. Well, by Wednesday she had super high fever and a runny nose. I guess she's got some little viral infection. Which of course means that she's not sleeping unless she's right on top of me, which means mommy gets hardly any sleep. Uncle Brain, Aunt Stacy, and cousins Emily & Colton came to see us Wednesday night. Even though Micah Claire wasn't feel too good, she still tried hard to have a good time with them.

We have a big family reunion coming up this weekend and we are excited! Micah Claire will get to meet some new family members. I hope everyone has a great Labor day; I am just glad to not be in labor on Labor day this year!!!!!!!!

If you look real hard in this picture you can see our new top teeth that have started to come in.

This is MC's new serious look. She's all smiles till you pull the camera out and then it just dispears. But it magicly reappears when you put the camer up, go figure!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boooooo says the cow!

Micah Claire is really trying to talk these days. In the last week she has started saying Justin (babysitter's grandson) and tiger (one of her favorite toys). Shawn has taught her to moo when he asks what does the cow say. But bless her heart it sounds more like booooo when she says it. When you ask her what does a snake say she sounds, she sounds like she is trying to spit. Every now and again she'll give you one weird sounded bark if you ask her what does a dog say. This week she also figured out that she can walk backwards. She looks like she is moon walking (watch out Michael Jackson, you've got stiff competition). It is so fun to see her little personality developing!

We are finally getting our 2 front teeth!!!!! Thank the Lord she will not need dentures!!!!! And of course with cutting teeth comes a child who doesn't sleep through the night. I am beginning to wonder when in the world this child will stay on the same routine.

Micah Claire has her 1st birthday picture session tomorrow at Ms. Dawns, I can't wait! This will be Micah Claire's first time to really eat something sweet (minus the time she dove into my bowl of icing). We got in most of our first birthday decorations this week. (Of course Daddy thinks momma is going a little overboard with this party, but what does he know!) I can't believe our baby is about to be 1!

This child loves water! Here are some pictures from weekend before last. Nana and Poppa were trying to convince her to come play in the water sprinkler. You can see that she was hesitant at first, but quickly took to it. She even wound up spraying Nana and Poppa with the sprinkler!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday I missed a call on my cell phone. So as soon as I was done seeing my patient I check my voicemail and this is what I heard:

Hey Brooke, This is Sgt. Mike Smith from the Arkadelphia Police department. When you get this message please call me ASAP at the station at 246-4545 or on my cell. It would probably be better if you called me on my cell, you can get a hold of me faster.

I immediately thought OMG something has happened to Micah Claire. Shawn is too upset to call me so he had our friend Mike call me to break the news. My heart started racing, my hands shaking and I was in a full sweet. In a split second I decided to call Shawn 1st; I knew Shawn couldn't’t lie to me if something was wrong. I was so upset I was hitting every button on my phone. It seemed like minutes where passing and I couldn't’t get my phone to work. I yelled at my phone, NO NO, STOP. A nurse came running in to check on me. She thought a patient was attacking me. She said what in the world is wrong with you. I just feel out crying. I said, The Arkadelphia Police want me to call them; I think something’s happened to my daughter. She grabbed the phone and said okay what’s your husband’s name. I said Shawn. As she started looking through my phone for his name, I said it’s under Willie. You should have seen the look she gave me. (If you don’t know, Willie is a nickname that I gave Shawn way back when we first met and it’s stuck all the years). She found him and dialed the phone for me. I didn’t even give him a chance to say hello when he answered. I screamed is Micah Claire okay. He said yeah as far as I know. I said please don’t lie to me, is she really okay? Shawn said I am pretty sure she’s fine but I can call and check on her; what’s wrong? So I told him about the message I had gotten from Mike. So I hung up and went to call Mike back. I guess I was in such a state of panic that I didn’t write down his cell number when I heard the message for the first time. So, I had to call my voicemail back to get it. After he said his cell number I hung up and called him. After he answered the phone I told him who I was and asked what was wrong. I think he could hear the fear in my voice. He started laughing and said nothing is wrong with your family. Your mom told me you would freak if I called. So, that’s why I said on the voicemail, “your mom said to tell you everything is okay.” After I got off the phone with him I re-listened to the entire message. After he said you can get me faster on my cell phone. He said, I’ve talked with your mom and she said you might panic if you get a call from the police department. SO she made me promise that I would make sure you knew everything is fine with your family. OOPS! Maybe I should have listened to about 15 more seconds of my voice mail. That would have saved me a lot of panic and stress.

Come to find out they had a person suddenly came up missing, they suspected some foul play and they felt like I may have information about that person’s where abouts. So they just wanted to ask me a few questions. Silly me. Later that afternoon Sgt. Smith called me back to let me know the update on the missing persons case. When I answered the phone he laughingly said, Brooke this is Mike again; everything is fine with everybody in your family, as far as I know. I was just calling you to fill you in on what we’ve found out. My lesson for the week; LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE VOICEMAIL!

Meet Andrea!

Andrea is Mae Alice's (MC's baby sitter) granddaughter. Andrea has spent the entire summer trying to get Micah Claire to warm up to her. Everyday Andrea would give me an update on how MC wouldn't let her hold her. Well.. that all changed last week. Micah Claire actually reached out for Andrea and she let Andrea hold her several times that day and she let Andrea feed her too!!!!! What progress!!!!

Let me tell you my child NEVER sleeps past 6:45 am. But this past Sunday she slept till 9:00am!!!!!!!! I was super happy, I haven't slept in that late in forever. The only down fall was I knew she wouldn't sleep through church like she usually does. So, I decided we would let her go to the nursery and she how she would do. I took her in there and she played with Jade and then played with some toys. So I thought okay this might work! They gave me a pager, just in case they needed me. I really thought it would go off any second after I walked out. I made it back into church 5 minutes past. I thought, this might really work! WRONG, my pager started buzzing. When I got back to the nursery they said she played for a few minutes after I left but then she got upset when she couldn't find me. Needless to say we spent most of church services out in the front lobby. I am hoping that if I start taking her on a more regular basis she will start getting more and more use to it. And maybe one day she'll be able to stay for the entire service! WISHFUL THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I can't believe she's 11 months old

I can't believe that my baby girl turned 11 months old this past Monday. Where in the world has the time gone. It's nuts how fast time starts flying by you when you have a little one. Micah Claire is now weighing 21# 1 oz and she is 30 inches long. We will be having her 1st Birthday Bash Pictures at Dawns in a few weeks; so I have been working over time trying to get some outfits together. I found a girl on ebay who makes super cute dresses. I fell in love with this dress and had to have it. Isn't it cute!!!!! If you have a little girl you have to check her shop at

Well we finally got 2 top teeth this week. But, they're not MC's front teeth, they are her incisors (so she looks like a little vampire; bless her heart). So, of course I called the dentist and asked if this was normal. Our dentist said that sometimes babies don't cut teeth by the book, and it's probably no big deal. I really hope she's got front teeth somewhere. I really don't want her to have to wear dentures at such an early age (haha).

Micah Claire is FINALLY started to get some hair in (aside from her mohawk). But, none of the hairs are growing at the same rate. She has about 3 really long hairs on the back of head. The new hairs on the sides of her head are so short and fine that they stick straight off the sides of her head. But they are too long for her headbow to hold them down anymore, so we just have to go with the wind blown look for now. This first picture really shows how those new little hairs just stick straight off her head (precious). This child is always on the move now and I can never get a good picture any more. All my pictures are of the back of her head or they are blurry because she wouldn't stay still for 2 seconds.