Thursday, August 7, 2008

I can't believe she's 11 months old

I can't believe that my baby girl turned 11 months old this past Monday. Where in the world has the time gone. It's nuts how fast time starts flying by you when you have a little one. Micah Claire is now weighing 21# 1 oz and she is 30 inches long. We will be having her 1st Birthday Bash Pictures at Dawns in a few weeks; so I have been working over time trying to get some outfits together. I found a girl on ebay who makes super cute dresses. I fell in love with this dress and had to have it. Isn't it cute!!!!! If you have a little girl you have to check her shop at

Well we finally got 2 top teeth this week. But, they're not MC's front teeth, they are her incisors (so she looks like a little vampire; bless her heart). So, of course I called the dentist and asked if this was normal. Our dentist said that sometimes babies don't cut teeth by the book, and it's probably no big deal. I really hope she's got front teeth somewhere. I really don't want her to have to wear dentures at such an early age (haha).

Micah Claire is FINALLY started to get some hair in (aside from her mohawk). But, none of the hairs are growing at the same rate. She has about 3 really long hairs on the back of head. The new hairs on the sides of her head are so short and fine that they stick straight off the sides of her head. But they are too long for her headbow to hold them down anymore, so we just have to go with the wind blown look for now. This first picture really shows how those new little hairs just stick straight off her head (precious). This child is always on the move now and I can never get a good picture any more. All my pictures are of the back of her head or they are blurry because she wouldn't stay still for 2 seconds.


Beth said...

You probably don't want to hear this, but that bottom pic makes her look like such a big girl! From that pic it is hard to believe she is only 11 months old! She is precious. I think Presley might be 10 before she gets any hair!

Anonymous said...

Brooke I LOVE the dress! It's perfect for her pictures! Can't wait to see ya'll again! I really enjoy reading all her antics and how she's growing and keeping you all hopping. I check in pretty regular to see the latest on the "Micah Claire Show" LOL, see you soon!