Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Amazing......

These days it's seems like Micah Claire is doing more and learning more everyday. It's so amazing how quickly she picks ups words and actions. Last week she kept acting like she was going to walk down the steps all by herself. Every time I went to hold her hand & help her down she would fuss at me and say NO! So, I thought okay maybe it's time you learn a small lesson. So, I let her take a step down the steps all by herself. Of course I thought it was just a fluke that she did it. Well.... after 4 more steps she had made it down the steps all by herself. ( So much for me teaching her a lesson!) Of course after she did it she wanted to do it over and over and over again. Luckily my camera was close by, so I was able to get it on video! (I don't' know how the video got turned sideways, sorry!)

Sunday night when she was playing the tub she walked over to her turtle (which holds all her tub stuff). She flipped open the shampoo lid and pretended to put some soap in her hand. Then she started rubbing her hands all over her head. It took me a second to realize what she was doing. I asked her, Micah Claire are you washing your hair? She looked at me (like are you blind) and said YES! It was just too cute! And her new word this week is Thank You! It's so funny to hear her say it, it comes out as one word and sounds like tanku!

MC, me and Nana left last Friday afternoon for a quick trip to Helena. My cousin Amy Jo made homecoming court, so we had to go!! She looked beautiful; it's so hard to believe she's about to be 16 years old. We had to be at the football field almost 2 hours before the actual game started; so Micah Claire had a blast running up and down the bleachers and on the football field. She kept Nana on her toes (I'm not sure which one slept better that night!)

This dress was to die for! This picture doesn't do it justice. Of course when your that skinny you look great in anything!

The back of this dress was all topaz stones, stunning!

Here is Amy Jo and Kaitlynn being driven around the football field in a 2009 Mercedes! It was a NICE CAR to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my Uncle Mike helping Amy Jo out of the car and escorting her onto the football field.

Ben, I had to put a picture of you in that Mercedes (it may be the only time your ever get to drive one, haha)

Here is Micah Claire headed for the football field.

Up to no good!

Nana got quite a work out Friday night

MY TWO FAVORITE GIRLS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Delta Bost said...

Hello there!!
I cannot believe how big your little girl has gotten!! It just seems like a few months ago when we moved and you were still pregnant! It is crazy how time flies! She is absolutely adorable!
It is so good to hear from you! We will let you know next time we are around Arkadelphia... it will be a while because of deer season though- Dennis will be making lots of trips all by himself! If you are ever near Fort Smith you guys should give us a call- we are only about 15 minutes from there!
Delta and Dennis

Ashley said...

That is a great picture of Micah and your mom! You should blow that one up! :)