Monday, October 27, 2008

Micah Claire's new hair do

Well I am super happy to report that the Cowart's had a very normal week this past week (i.e. no break ins!). I tell you what I had no idea how much paper work you had to fill out for your home owner's insurance to pay for your stolen goods!

After months of being near bald and SEVERAL months of the Mohawk, I truly thought I would be grateful for any hair and/or hairstyle that Micah Claire would have. But, I tell ya this kids hair has gone crazy! In the past all I had to due was put a bow in her hair to pull her bangs out of her face. Well.... these days we have to use lots of water to get her hair to lay down. I took some pictures Saturday morning at the breakfast table. I promise you this is not stage; this is how her hair is now every morning when she wakes up. This child LOVES blueberries, but they are so hard to clean up that I only give them on mornings when I have a lot of time to clean her up.

On sweet blueberry face!

Look at those finger nails!

Okay here's a back shot of the hair......... see what I mean; total mess

Okay here's a good side shot. (I guess I should just be thankful that her hair is growing)
On Wednesday Night Aunt Ashley came and spent the night with us. Micah Claire had a great time playing with her (or should I say entertaining her). Aunt Ashley likes to gossip about our favorite shows (biggest loser, private practice and of course Grey's). But since the birth of M.C. I haven't got to seen an entire show of any of these. I think after spending an afternoon and night with us Aunt Ashley totally understands why I only see bits and pieces of our fav shows!
On Sunday daddy finally had time (out of his BUSY hunting schedule (just picking Willie!)) to go to the park with us. He and Micah Claire had a blast swinging and sliding together! Would've been nice if I had taken pictures; maybe next time I'll remember my camera!

I can't believe that Halloween is this week! I can't wait to take pictures of Micah Claire in her monkey outfit. It's so ugly that it is cute. When we tried it on she didn't like it one bit; and when she saw her self in the mirror she cried! So, we may not get too many pictures; or happy pictures this Halloween.
Micah Claire's new thing is reading; she loves for you to read to her. I think we read every book she owns every day. It's so cute to hear her read to herself. But, every time I get the camera out to video her she stops. I got lucky and caught this one moment on video. She is reading her favorite book called Peak a Baby. When she lifts up the flap I think she is trying to say peak-a-boo but I am not 100% sure on that.

I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures this morning of Micah Claire in her french out fit! My mom's friend Cynthia went to France last summer and she picked up this super cute outfit. I have no idea what is on the tags or on the clothes b/c it's all written in French (guess I should have payed more attention in my 2 years of French class).


Ashley said...

Yes, I totally see why you don't see much of our shows! HA! :) It was fun though! There is never a dull moment in the Cowart house :)