Monday, October 20, 2008

Where to Start??????

Where should I start? I guess I’ll start with last Monday. When Micah Claire and I got home I had a terrible time trying to open the back door. Shawn got home and came in with no problem. He had just power washed the house; so he thought maybe that’s what was wrong with the door. Tuesday MC & I couldn’t even get my key into the key hole so we had to go in through the back French doors. When Shawn got home he had to do the same thing; he said he would try to figure out what was wrong that night or Wednesday. (If we had only know what was going on….. hindsight is so 20/20) . Wednesday I was super busy at work. I ran into my office in between patients and saw that I had missed 5 phone calls all from Shawn. Right then a voice came over the intercom that said Brooke, line 3. My stomach sank, I knew something was wrong (being a mom I immediately thought something was wrong with my baby girl). When I said, this is Brooke, I heard Shawn’s shaky voice say, Can you come home. I said what’s wrong. He said you just need to come home, so then I screamed WHAT’s WRONG??? He said our house has been robbed. I hoped for a second he was kidding, but I knew by the tone of his voice he was serious. I said what did they take and he said everything! I immediately left work (thank God I was only in Malvern and I was home in 15 minutes; yes I sped a bit!) When I got there our entire back porch was covered in glass. My mom met me at the door and said; PLEASE tell me you have on Aunt Wanda’s necklace. ( You may remember by blogging back this summer back how my aunt suddenly got sick and passed away) well, she left MC a pair of diamond earrings and she left me her wedding ring. My mom took the ring and had it made into a necklace for me. She just gave it to me like 2 weeks ago. (You may remember that my aunt wasn’t a believer and that it was really hard for me to deal with her death; somehow when I wore this necklace it brought me peace; like a part of her was still with me no matter where she is now). Needless to say I didn’t have it on; they stole it along with more jewelry, 2 flat screen tv’s , Shawn’s X-box; games, dvd’s, etc. I was upset but I knew we had insurance and everything would be okay. I had been home for about 30 minutes and I noticed a digital camera on the bar. I said, who’s camera is that and Shawn said it’s Stan’s. I immediately said oh my god, where is the video camera. I had left it hanging on a bar stool and it wasn’t there. Shawn’s face just froze and I immediately lost it. I just feel out crying. NO NO NO they couldn’t have taken it. It had a DVD that was full on both sides. It has every video we have ever made since Micah Claire was born. Then I got mad (I said some very un-nice words that I will leave out of this post!) Then an hour or so later we realized that they stole the key to Shawn’s Rhino. I was sick to my stomach; I knew this mean they would be coming back at a later time for it. It’s so upsetting to have your home broken into. You feel like someone has invaded your privacy. You work hard for the things you have and one day some punks decide they want it so they come and take it. And, to know that they had been to our home 1-2 times before trying to pick the lock (SUPER SCARY!)
Okay, but here is the KICKER to the story!!!!!!!!!! The police watched them drive out of our drive way, yes I said they watched them drive out of our drive way. The CHIEF OF POLICE was sitting in the church parking lot across from our house and watched them (in his our words) “come speeding out of the drive way.” He thought I got a new car and was running late on my lunch break and he was going to be nice and let me go. (again… hindsight is 20/20). If only he had pulled me over he would have seen it WASN’T me! Oh well…. Like I said everything can be replaced expect for my videos and my necklace. The only good thing that came from this was that these PUNKS have robbed several people in the last few weeks but no one has seen them. Luckily (and I say that somewhat sarcastically) the police now know what they drive and have been able to figure out who drives it. I can’t say too much but it turns out they are 2 YOUNG PUNKS with previous records. The police are working very hard to pin this on them and find our stuff! I have to give a big thanks to all our friends and family who brought us food, helped us clean up, called and checked on us numerous times and those who have been praying for us. It’s so nice to know there are still great people out there.

So of course neither Shawn nor I slept Wednesday night. On Thursday we went to Hot Springs to get new door handle, a new Rhino starter kit and I got me a pistol! I am now an official “Pistol Packing Momma!” Shawn spent the afternoon teaching me how to load the clip, aim and shoot (which is way harder than I thought) and how to clean it. We also had an alarm system installed! Let me tell ya, it works. It has a “glass break” feature on it. On Saturday morning I was cleaning the house and MC got a hold of the broom. She dropped it on the tile floor which set the alarm off! It scared her to death; it took several minutes for her to stop crying and me to stop laughing!!!!

Saturday night was my 10 year class reunion. It was great to see and catch up with old friends that I haven’t seen in years. We stayed out till almost midnight (something I haven’t done in years!) My mom has been begging me for months now to let her keep Micah Claire overnight I have always said no. But, I finally said yes (mainly b/c Shawn said I had to). We dropped her off a little before 7pm and she immediately went and got into her wagon. Nana took some pictures for us and off we went. I was up at 4:40 am and I wanted to go get her but I held off till 7:30am. I expected to find them up having breakfast but they we’re still in bed. Micah Claire was so happy to see me and vice versa! She had a runny nose and Nana swore up and down it wasn’t running when they went to bed. So we ate breakfast with Nana and headed home to get some Tylenol and Benadryl. She was kinda fussy and wanted to be held all morning (which I had NO problem with since I missed her just a little).

Here she is in her wagon just waiting for Nana to pull her around

I don't think we've gotten dressed up and had an evening to our selves in over 2 years!

I went to put the laundry in the dryer and when I came back this is I what I found. She destroyed the couch and even got into our wedding photos (you can see them hanging off the coffee table)

Here she is trying to get away before she could get in trouble. Even with that runny nose she's still a cutie pie!

I promised Micah Claire that if she were good for Nana on Saturday night I would take her to the park on Sunday (her new favorite place!) Even though she had a runny nose I felt like I had to hold up my end of the bargain. So we went late Sunday afternoon and the park was packed. MC had a blast watching all the kids run around!

I sure hope this week is less exciting as last week!


Julee said...

Brooke... That is AWFUL!! I can't believe they took all your stuff! I am so sad for you about the videos and the necklace. Hopefully they will find your stuff asap! Good to see you this weekend!

Holly and Beau said...

Oh Brooke, that is awful. I am so sorry for your loss, but am more thankful that none of you were home. Hopefully they will catch these guys and return your belongings. Be Safe... use that alarm.

Beth said...

I am so sorry! Somebody tried to break into our first home, but they were not successful. I was so angry, and they didn't even take anything! Now we have a security system, and I love it. The cops here don't even seem to mind when you accidently set it off (and they came really fast) =) Good thing for me!

Casey said...

Oh Brooke..that is so terrible! I'm so sorry about your videos and necklace! I hope they find the punks...and if they get on probation, i PROMISE I'll make their lives hell! Haha! MC is so cute!

Casey J.

Anonymous said...