Monday, November 10, 2008

14 Months old

On Election day Micah Claire turned 14 months old and I can't believe it! As much as I enjoy watching her grow; some days I wish I could just put on the brakes and slow everything down. It's hard to imagine that this time last year she was just 8 weeks old and all she did was eat, sleep, poop and sometimes smile. Now she's so full of life and energy! And some exciting news.... she's cut her top 1 year molars!

We got up a little early and took her with us to vote! She even got a sticker that said "I Voted!" We finally have enough hair to really wear a pony tail. Her daddy calls it her Bambam look (he some how gets Pebbles and Bambam confused; poor guy!)

Here she is doing her 2 favorite things; being outside and picking up rocks. (Thanks for the cute outfit Aunt Paige!!!!)

I think my husband has been preparing for Deer Season since last season ended. All last week he spent packing, cleaning his gun, and all that other stuff that deer hunters do. Micah Claire was with him every step. She watched everything he did and even tried to help out (which sometimes irritated daddy!) Well....finally Friday afternoon came and daddy headed to deer camp. On Saturday he got a big 8 point! So, we drove out Saturday night to see it and have dinner with him. (I would post pictures but they are a little gross; It reminded me why I was a vegetarian for so many years!) Here are some pictures of Micah Claire "helping" daddy and a super cute video of Shawn trying to teach her how to use a caller (bless her heart she just couldn't figure out how to make it work).

Shawn is coming home tonight for a few days and I can't wait. I've missed him but I have also missed his help! I have no idea how single parents raise kids; it's hard to do it all yourself! I know that Micah Claire can't wait to see him. I've let her sleep with me since Shawn's been gone. Every morning she lifts up all the pillows on the bed and says Daddy? I guess she thinks he's hiding under the pillows. Every time the phone rings she squeals Daddy and every time she sees a picture of him she points to it and says Daddy and then wants to kiss it. (It's so sweet!)

When Micah Claire was 10 months old we took the passy away from her. It was a pretty easy transition. Well... a few weeks ago she stopped sleeping threw the night and was cutting teeth. I gave it back to her at bed time and it worked like a charm. Well, I guess she's been hiding them in the house, so that during the day when I'm not watching she gets them out and sucks on them. Of course... it took me a while to figure this out. So, when she wakes up I take her passy and put it in my drawer till bedtime. It didn't take her long to figure out where I was putting them. These are some pictures from Sunday morning. She wanted her passy back and threw a fit for it; as you can see. I have a feeling it will be much harder this time to break her from it.


Amanda said...

Brooke-She is gorgeous! I am so glad you stumbled upon our blog, now I can follow yours too. Hope you guys are having a great week and hope Shawn gets another big deer this weekend!