Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Go All Weekend

This past weekend was super busy for us! On Friday my office had our Thanksgiving meal; so Micah Claire and I went. She had a wonderful time trying new foods, meeting new people and running around. Then Friday afternoon we left for Tennessee. My Cousin Chris and his LONG time girlfriend Ellen finally decided to tie the knot! It was only suppose to take us 3 hours to get there; but a few wrong turns in Memphis pushed it to a 4 hour trip. But, Micah Claire did great! On Saturday she had a great time seeing family and meeting new family members. She has really started coming out of her shell these last few weeks. She let a few total strangers pick her up!!! And she got to meet a new friend; Eli (a cutie pie). Let me tell you these 2 were pretty much inseparable. It was so cute to watch them with one another. It's probably a good thing her daddy wasn't' there to see her flirting with him! Here are a few cute pictures of the 2 of them playing with one another. If he hugged her once, he hugged her a hundred times. SO SWEET!!!! (Don't worry Daddy they were supervised the entire date; I mean time)

Here is Micah Claire showing Eli how her booster seat works.

Micah Claire got attacked by Amy Jo the tickle queen!

Ben and Amy Jo are like my brother and sister; so it just melts my heat to see them all together!
Here is Nana trying to explain to M.C why we don't eat the chap stick.

Saturday night we left Tennessee and drove to my Granny house. To get there we had to drive right threw Tunica, MS (I had no idea that town had so many casinos). Micah Clarie was fascinated by all the bright lights along the casino trip; makes you wonder what in the world was going on in that little mind of hers. On Sunday we all went to my grandparents church. The Knights of Columbus gave my Granny a special presentation and gift in memory of my late Papaw. It was a nice ceremony, but super emotional. I wish that Micah Clarie had more time to know him. He is probably one of the greatest men I have known.

Even though we had a great time on our trip, we couldn't wait to get home and see Daddy! We hadn't seen him the previous Wednesday night. (Yep you guessed right; he was back at deer camp killing all those innocent deers). Micah Claire was super excited to see him. She hugged and kissed him for quite sometime when we got home. She let him bath her and even put her to sleep! I had so much free time I didn't know what to do with myself.

M.C. has really turned into a book worm. She loves to be read to! It just makes my heart melt to see these two be so in love with one another! I think the days of her being a mama's girls are slowly fading away.

Okay... I just had to take a picture and post this. I NEVER thought I would see gas be this cheap again. I know these prices will probably not last long; but I am loving them and I am loving that is doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fill up my little SUV.