Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Much Exciting News To Share!!!!!

Since the day Micah Claire was born she’s been the youngest child on both sides of the family. Well…. that is all going to change this summer! We are so excited that Shawn’s sister Mandee, and her husband Jerry, will welcome a little baby into our family this summer. Now Micah Claire will actually get to be the “big cousin!”

About 2 weeks ago Micah Claire had a bit of some sort on her leg. Well apparently she picked at it and had a fever at the same time (probably from cutting teeth) which led to the bite turning into a virus. It looked terribly; but Dr. Ward said it was not as bad as it looked and she only needs to be on antibiotic for a few days. Well…. those few days of antibiotic caused a major diaper rash. I mean it was terrible! It took the 2 of us to hold her down when we had to change her diaper. She would just cry and scream NO! It was truly heart breaking. But, I am super happy to say it has finally cleared itself up! We had to let her go without a diaper as much as possible. I just couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of her cutie tootie hinny (she’ll probably want to kill me one day when she sees these).

I had no idea, but apparently she was peeing right as I was taking this picture. If you zoom in on it you can see it coming down and a little wet spot on the carpet!

As I mentioned she has been cutting more teeth; which hasn’t been bad at all (not normal at all for her). She now has her two bottom 12 month molars in! It so strange to see them when she laughs real big. She is really growing up these days. She has even started to put a few words together. She has said: bye Nana; bye poppa; hi daddy; and hi Bruce (our lab). She is just picking up words left and right these days and I tend to forget that. As you probably know I call Shawn, Willie; actually my entire family calls him that now; I guess it’s just catchy. Since the day Micah Claire’s been born he has made it VERY clear that she is to NEVER call him that. Well……….. Saturday night I was giving M.C. a bath and I noticed a little bruise on her ribs. Even though the child is very accident prone I didn’t remember any fall that might have caused that bruise; I wonder if Willie had. So I said Willie… and got no response. I thought maybe we was across the house so I yelled it a little louder; no answer. I thought okay maybe he’s stepped outside; so I yelled it a little louder a few more times. Now the entire time that I am hollering for him M.C. is yelling something too; but I wasn’t paying much mind to her b/c she babbles so much. I finally stopped and looked at her and said what it’s; what are you trying to tell momma. ....... And then she said it………….. Willweeee. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried not laugh but was so dang funny and so dang cute I couldn’t stop myself. When I finally calmed myself I said Micah Claire we can’t say that daddy will not be happy with mommy. She said it again and then fell out laughing. About that time Shawn came back into the house. I said Daddy could you come here. I have to tell you something….I told him the entire story. I could tell he wanted to be mad; but it was just too funny for him not to laugh. I guess my days of calling him Willie may be over for a while!

Last Friday I decided to go ahead and put up our Christmas tree! I love Christmas and every year it seems to go by faster and faster. So this year I thought I would get a jump start and put the tree up earlier than I ever have. Some days M.C. doesn’t pay it any attention but other days she tries to pull every ornament off the tree (which keeps mommy very busy). I haven’t had time to put up all the decorations around the house; but hopefully they will all be up soon! And I am super pumped to announce that I have ALL my Christmas shopping DONE! I have never in my life been finished this early so I am super happy!!!!!

This picture doesn't do my bow justice. I LOVE IT. Jeanette made it for me 2 years ago. (I swear the girl could give Martha Stewart a run for her money!)

And for the SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!! My brother Eric has finally asked Ashley to marry him!!!! Ashley and I have been the best of friends for almost 9 years now; so I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person for Eric to marry. I have known for almost of month now that he was ready to pop the question. It has killed me to keep it from her. I have had to tell her soooo many lies that I was to the point where I couldn’t keep up with the lies. I have to say Eric planned the perfect engagement all by himself! He got her to go play golf (in super cold weather). At the 9th hole he placed the ring box down in the hole. So when Ashley hit her ball in (Which took forever; sorry Ashley but your just not a good golfer J ) she found the box. He then dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. She had no idea but all her friends and family and all his family was watching from the country club. So, we all came running out and congratulated them. Then we had finger foods and cake and spent a couple of hours celebrating. Poor Ashley was so excited she couldn’t eat. Here are some pictures from the big day!!! I hear they are thinking about a May wedding!!!!!!!!

Here is Eric moving the flag so he could drop the ring box down into the hole!

A little champagne toast for the newly engaged couple!

This cake was great!

Here they are cutting the cakeHere is me and my future SISTER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Ashley showing off her new ring! I have to say Eric did a great job picking out the ring!!


Beth said...

You do have a lot of exciting news! I am glad that Micah is better. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I can't wait to get ours up- Roseola got in our way!