Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost a super sweet Mommy moment

Aunt Stacy sent us a link to , so Tuesday morning I was trying to put our faces into the elf’s body. And Micah Claire kept trying to “help” me by banging on the keyboard. I tried to explain to her that mommy didn’t need her help and could she please go play elsewhere for a few minutes. She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and began rubbing my arm. Of course I melted; I thought thank you God for this sweet precious angel you have given me. It was truly a warm mommy moment. Then she sighed and awhhhh…. Daddy! REALLY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had to ruin my sweet mommy moment by calling daddy. Just kidding Micah Claire, I love you no matter what you call me.

On days that I work I try to sleep till 6:45 am and M.C. usually sleeps till 7 or 7:15am. Well… Wednesday morning she woke at 6:30am. So I went and got her and put her in bed with us (hoping she would go back to sleep; yeah right!) She did lie quietly for a few minutes. Then she leaned up and softly said, Momma….. Milllllll (which means milk in our house). So I said, do you want your milk? She then leaned over to me and put her finger over her mouth and said, shhhhhh… then she rolled over and pointed to Shawn and said Daddy. Apparently I was talking toooo loud and she was afraid I would awaken her daddy from his precious sleep. I tell ya, we have a daddy’s girl in the making at the Cowart house!

Micah Claire turned 15 months old last Thursday! I can't believe another month has flown by. This last month has been fun, interesting and very challenging as a parent. I think the child has totally forgotten what the word NO means. Use to, if you told her no she would stop what she was doing. That is defiantly not the case any more; now if you say no she acts like she never even hear ya and does what ever she wants. Her new favorite things to do are to pull the ornaments off the tree and play in the commode. So... I thought this might be a good time to try the time out thing. I put her in the corner and count out loud for 30 seconds. Apparently this humors her. She loves to dance and clap while mommy counts; totally not what I was expecting. However I can say that this had taught her to count. She now says.... one, two, tree, nine (it's so dang cute, you just can't get mad at her). Had I can say she was officially perfected the art of throwing a fit! If she thinks your not paying her attention she will cry/scream louder or if you walk off she will get up, come and find ya, and start the fit over again. Her fits include screams, rolling around, kicking, and if your really lucky you get to see an awesome body flop (that's what I call it!). I thought the terrible 2's must have come early to our home; but upon reading up on the matter this is very common at this age. Apparently she is "testing the boundaries" of her environment; LUCKY US!!!!!!!

Last week Ms. Michelle made M.C some home-made bread that's egg and milk free! It was excellent; thanks Michelle. If your wondering... yes that's jelly on her bread. It was her 1st experience withe Jelly and she loved it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My child is now fascinated with the fridge and everything in it. Last week she grabbed a hold of the ketchup and taste tested it before I realized it. Needless to say she loved it too! So I put some on her meat the next day and she ate all of it!

Micah Claire is also fascinated with earrings these days. Nana came over tonight and M.C. just had to wear her pearl earrings. (she is such a camera ham; just like her daddy!)