Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas full of squeals

Christmas Eve was such a warm and beautiful day, we just had to get outside and enjoy it!

Micah Claire loves to drive the Rhino. If you try to put your hands on the steering wheel she will quickly remove them for you.

Momma and her sweet angel

Our annual Christmas family picture by Nana's fireplace.

Nana and Poppa with their favorite girl!

She was hesitant at first about tearing into the paper. She got 3 sets of these "Little Tikes Bath Letters & Numbers." If you haven't' heard: these have been recalled because they contain very high levels of mercury in them. Thank God we found out before we let her play with them!

Micah Claire got a bath time Elmo. She loves playing with him the tub!

Santa Clause came to the Cowart House and he brought lots of wonderful things! Thanks Santa!! Micah Claire had to touch every present and then let out a super cute squeal!

Micah Claire and her first little kitchen!

Oh boy, Santa brought us a big girl potty chair. We'll see how that goes......

Her first set of wheels!

She had a blast playing in the school bus and with he 125 balls that go in it.

M.C. and momma putting her magnetic #'s and letters on the fridge.

The Cowart grand kids Christmas picture taking session was full of smiles, laughs, eye poking, pouting and tears which all add up to priceless memories!

Mimi was tickled at all the activity!

By now she knew exactly what to do with her Christmas gits!
Micah Claire got some really great books for Christmas gifts. She loves to read ( she didn't' get that from her momma; that's for sure!)