Friday, December 19, 2008

What aweek

On Sunday Micah Claire and I went to church with Nana. Nana's church had a going away party for the Zamudio family. It's so hard to say goodbye to them after 15 years. I remember the first time I ever kept the girls (Ana Christina was about 3, Gabriela was around 2 and Adriana was a newborn). Even though they spoke English the girls mostly talked in Spanish. The entire day the tow older girls kept saying AQUA,AQUA. I had do idea what they were saying. When Ana got home I told her how great the day went, but the girls kept saying Aqua and I had no idea what they wanted. She just died laughing; when she stopped laughing she finally told me it meant water. Oops....In my defence.; I was 15 and had never heard Spanish before. I will miss you all and wish you the best in your new lives in France! Nana bought Micah Clarie this super cute dress; so I just had to take a few pictures of M.C. in it.

Daddy made it home from deer camp just in time to get a picture with Micah Claire in her super cute dress. ( I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad deer season is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Okay quick story... Micah Claire's hair is super fine like mine. I had to wash her hair Saturday night because she rubbed food in it at diner. So on Sunday it wouldn't stay up in a pony tail. So I thought I would use just a little hair spray. After church I went to take her hair down and as you can see........ it didn't really come down. It was just so dang funny I had to take a picture!

Sunday night we went to 1st Baptist in Glenwood to see cousins Emily and Colon perform in a Christmas play. I had to wake these 2 up to get them ready. As you can see neither of them was super happy with having to wake up from their nap.
Micah Clarie had a blast with Emily. She let Emily carry her everywhere. They just kept hugging and kissing one another all night long (precious)! I think if I could get M.C. a big sis it would entrain her all day. To bad that's not really possible, haha!

Monday night my Aunt Karen came to town. She bought Micah Claire The Night Before Christmas story book. Micah Claire just loves all the big shiny pages, thanks Aunt Kay Kay!

Tuesday night we had Shawn's office Christmas party. Micah Claire stayed with Nana and Aunt Kay Kay so mommy and daddy could enjoy their meal with no interruptions! We sat with Dustin and Bethany (Georgia Kate's parents) We spent the entire 2 hours talking about our girls. Bethany told me that they stopped rocking Georgia Kate to sleep and now she just goes and lays n her own bed and puts herself to sleep. I am super happy to say that 2 nights in a row my child has willing gone to bed on her own, no crying, no fussing no nothing... just a quite sleeping precious baby girl! (Thanks for the tips Bethany!!!). Okay, I have to admit that these tricks aren't working at nap time. Today it took her over 45 minutes to go to sleep and there were plenty of tears; so if any body has any tips on nap time I'll take em!

Today my Arkadelphia office had their Christmas party. Micah Claire had a great time socializing and eating new foods. She got to try her 1st rice crispy treat and she loved it! Here a some pictures of M.C and her buddy Ms. Karen!

I can't believe it was 22 degree and sleeting on Monday and today it got up to almost 70 degrees; Gotta love this crazy Arkansas weather. Micah Claire hasn't really got to go outside a whole lot lately because of the weather; so we couldn't let this beautiful day pass us by. After the Christmas party we headed home and changed clothes and quickly headed off the park! Here are some of the fun pictures I captured.

ONLY 6 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

That hair spray hair is too funny! :)