Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweet Mommy Tears!

Before every meal we pray. We have really been trying to teach Micah Claire how to participate in prayer time. Our routine is: I say let’s pray and she say‘s okay. Then we try to get her to close her eyes and bow her head down. Sometimes I’ll peak at her during the prayer and usually she’s eating or looking at us like what are they doing. Well that all changed Monday night! I said are you ready to pray and she said YES! I said Micah Claire do you want to pray for us tonight and she said YES and then she closed her eyes and dropped her head down for about 5 seconds and the she lifted her head up and babbled something and went on eating. Of course we were in shock at what she had just done. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears (my husband thinks I’ve turned into the biggest softie ever). It was one of the most wonderful experiences have ever had as a mother! I thought maybe it was just a fluke but she's done it every night since!

In the last few weeks Micah Claire has really started trying to say Love You. At first it started out as wooooo you and it has progressed into bub you and now it' wuv you. It’s almost so dang cute that I don’t want her to learn how to really say it. Bedtime is still going GREAT! Micah Claire now let’s us know when she’s ready to go to bed; it’s amazing and wonderful and such a relief not to have to fight her to go to sleep. She gives us big bear hugs, sweet kisses, says wuv you and then yells out a big NIGHT NIGHT! Then she lays down and is asleep within seconds and sleeps for 10-12 hours (a mother’s dream)! I truly never thought these days would come, but I am SUPER glad they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to brag on my husband a little. He way out did himself this year with my Christmas gifts. He somehow managed to keep a secret from me and surprised me with diamond earrings. And he also got me the big Nikon camera that I have drooling over for the last few months. It took me a day to even take it out of the box and another day to put it together by myself. I was soooo scared that I was going to mess it up and then be in trouble. But after 2 weeks of putting it together, using it and taking it apart all by myself, my confidence is slowing building up. This camera does so many dang things, it’s a little overwhelming. Slowly but surely I am learning how to use it and do some of the cool tricks it can do with pictures.

Micah Claire has gotten to try quite a few new foods this week.

Her she is trying guacamole. I was shocked that she loved it!

On Sunday Micah Claire turned 16 months old. So her daddy got her her very 1st ring pop. She loved it as you can tell. (Sure wished he would have picked a color that didn't stain so much!)

Lovely Blue Tongue

On Monday night she got to try her 1st taco salad. She pretty much picked through the lettuce and tomatoes and ate the cheese dip and chips.

For a bed time snack we gave her her very 1st Oreo Cookie. Of course her daddy just had to show how to properly eat an Oreo.

As you can tell, it only took her a bite to realize how good an Oreo really is.

Micah Claire is really starting to get the hang of the spoon thing.

She still makes a mess, but they're not near as big as the use to be!

Micah Claire's new favorite thing to do is floss. She thinks every time Momma flosses she has to floss too.

I am sure when the day comes that she needs to really start flossing, I won't be able to get her to do it.

Her she is taking a bubble bath and giving her Elmo a bath too!

I just love how my new camera can instantly turn my pictures into black and white!

I am super pumped to say that our summer vacation is officially booked! My entire family is going to Gulf Shores. I can't wait to lay on the beach and soak up some sun! My dad came over this morning and brought Micah Claire her very 1st Big Girl Barbie life jacket. I have ordered her two super cute two piece suits for the trip (of course her daddy thinks it should be one piece bathing suit, but that's why I didn't tell him about them until they were ordered, haha!) I really hope we can make the long road trip with M.C having any major fits or meltdowns.