Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Fun Playdate

On Friday Micah Claire and I loaded up and headed to Hot Springs for a SUPER fun play date with Kayley and Cole. Micah Claire and Kayley had a great time playing with one another. Micah Claire didn't know what in the world to think about baby Cole. Before yesterday if you asked her is she wanted mommy to have another baby she would ecstatically say Yes. But after watching mommy hold and love on Cole she will emphatically say NO when you ask her.

Micah Claire sweeping and Kayley holding the dust pan. Isn't it funny how they think cleaning is day all to soon they'll learn just how un-fun it really is.

Snack time! Micah Claire ate her very first fruit roll up (of course she loved it!) Ms. Shannon was nice enough to send an extra one home with M.C!

Here is sweet baby Cole! Isn't he the cutest thing ever. He is his mommy made over!
I am telling you he is the BEST baby in the world. He was so quite and happy that I would forget he was there.

Micah Claire just had to try Cole's bumpy seat out. SHE LOVED IT!
Last Saturday Poppa Mike came to town for a visit. M.C. was FULLLLLL of more energy than normal and loved playing with Poppa Mike.

She just had to show him how she's learned to jump off the chair. I think she jumped off of it 50 times!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Less than 2 hours after I posted last Friday that Micah Claire had gone over 24 hours without throwing up... she threw up. But, happily that really was the final time. M.C. is now 100% back to her old self!

Micah Claire has always shown a preference for her left hand and foot. She use to go down stairs with her left foot first and she always ate with her spoon in her left hand. It wouldn't bother me if she was left handed (like her daddy and everybody in his family). My only concern was if she was left handed I was right handed how in the world would I teach her how to write one day. But, in the last 2 weeks she has been pulling a switch-a-roo. She now goes up or down steps with her right foot leading and she now eats with her spoon in her right hand. Everything I read says they will not truly have a preference till they're around 3 years old. So, I guess this may just be a phase and actually not a sign that she may be right handed; guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Check out the spoon the in right hand.

M.C. loves to be read to and these days she tries to read by herself. When she's all alone she grabs a book, climbs into her rocking chair, and does serious jabbering. It is so fun to ease drop on her via the monitor or peep around the corner and watch her.

Here she is letting daddy read to her about Tigers.

Is this not the sweetest picture ever! It just makes my heart melt.

M.C. reading her numbers book to Poppa.
Wednesday Uncle Brian and cousin Emily came by for a visit. Micah Claire and Emily had a blast playing with one another. Here are a few pictures.
It was so sweet to watch Emily act like a little Mommy to M.C.

M.C. showing Emily how to really operate her bus.

Say cheese!

I have no idea what M.C was thinking here..... but I think it was something like: WOW! I can't wait till I'm big enough to climb like her.

So sweet, even the cows had to stop and watch.

Emily showed M.C how to pick flowers. Ever since M.C. has picked every flower she has come across.
I LOVE this picture! It's so simple yet so sweet. I hope these two girls grow up to be the best of friends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's finally over (knock on wood)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when I posted on Monday we really thought Micah Clarie was over her stomach bug... little did we know what the next 3 days had in store for our household.

Monday she drank plenty of Pediasure, a little juice and ate all her meals and snacks. She hadn't vomited all day so I put her in her bed to sleep for the night.

Tuesday 3am the bug hits me. At 6:30am I am still up and living in the bathroom when M.C wakes up. Shawn goes to get M.C and I hear him (via the monitor) gagging and moaning. He said she was covered head to toe in diarrhea and vomit (of course I felt like the world's worst mom for not sleeping with her and keeping an eye on her). Daddy was our super hero, he gave M.C a bath and cleaned up her bedroom. Shawn was still feeling fine so he went to work. I called my mom to see if she could come help and she was sick as a dog. She had been living in her bathroom since 1am that morning.By 10am Daddy was back home and he vomited till 8 pm that night. Micah Claire went all day with no vomiting or diarrhea. But she took a sudden hatred to Pediasure and refused to drink it.

Wednesday: I was feeling weak but better. I had to go to work; I only go this clinic 1 time a month so I really can't afford to miss work there. Shawn was too weak to watch M.C so I took her to MeMaw's (our wonderful baby sitter). I picked her up around 4 and Memaw said she had some lose diapers but no vomiting! YEAH, maybe it's over... WRONG! When get home M.C was crying for milllllll (milk) we gave her 1 oz and it came right back up. Well.. we thought maybe it's just to soon for milk but she's still getting over the bug. WRONG! At dinner she started coughing so I picked her up. She threw up more than ever before and of course it covered me head to toe (let me just tell ya the smell was the worst part!). I was super weak and exhausted. So my dad's super sweet girl friend Ba-dob-a-dob (that's what M.C. call her; her name is Debbie) came over and played with M.C to give me a break. (I think I forgot to mention my Dad also got sick during this week too.) So we really had noone to help us, it was so hard! M.C was up at 1am and again at 3am vomiting.

Thursday: Shawn and I had to work but we didn't want to send M.C back to Memaw's and get them sick. My mom was finely feeling better but was to weak to go to work, so she get M.C for us. Nana said she had a great day; she ate and drank pretty well. I thought ya she's just waiting till we get home to start the vomiting again. But, she didn't. She hasn't gotten sick anymore. We are really hoping that this bug is finally gone for good. She is still not back to her old full of energy self, but she's slowly getting back there.

My sweet pea is finely getting back to old smiley, giggly self!

Cousin Emily gave Micah Claire a pair of her old boots. Micah Claire LOVES them more than anything in the world. She gets them out of her closest (all by her self) and demands that someone put them on her. We have to put them on numerous times a day. To say her Daddy hates these boots is almost an understatement. He calls them her "silly boots" and her "street walker boots." Poor Daddy just has no since of fashion (not that I think wearing them with her pj's is fashionable, haha). It took her a few times of walking in them to really learn how to balance herself.

She's just so proud of her boots! She had to put them on and show Nana and Poppa how well she could walk in them. (If you wonder why her pants are falling down... this is very common in our house; my child is sooooooo dang tall we have to buy a bigger size to get the right length but they're always to big in the waist. Poor kid! One day she'll enjoy being tall and skinny but it sure is hard on momma right now)

She just had to check herself out in the mirror.

Here she is sporting the "tucked in pant" look, too funny!

Now that's some wind

Apparently early Wednesday morning we had a storm with some super strong winds roll into town. Every one in the Cowart house slept right threw windy storm.
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The winds blew Micah Claire's slide off the drive and down the hill. The tumble busted the slide up, luckily all the damage was easily fixable.

It even blew the metal barn to pieces, YIKES! And our big rocking chairs got blowen off the front porch too; but they weren't damaged!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A surpise birthday party followed by a surprise stomach bug

Saturday night we had a surprise birthday party for Nana! Nana thought she and Poppa were going to meet Will & Amy at Outback in Hot Springs. Right before they went into to meet them, Shawn called Poppa to tell him that Nana's favorite goat was really sick. So they hurried back home to check on the goat. Nana was totally shocked when they pulled up and she saw that she had been tricked! It's super hard to get anything over on my mom; so I was excited that we pulled it off. We had a great time at the party. We ate great food, the women sat around and talked "girl stuff" and the men played cards till after 1am. Happy Birthday Nana; We love you!!! Here are some pictures from the party.
I have no idea why this child wouldn't get her fingers out of her mouth. Shawn called it her "fish hook" pose.Only 6 more months till Ashely officially becomes Aunt Ashley!!!! My cutie pie!M.C. was just toooo busy to sit and take a picture with Uncle Eric.

Lots of deep thoughts going on here....

Nana got some great birthday gifts!

TALK TALK TALK.... never a quite moment with all these women around!

On Saturday morning I ran into Will at Wal-Mart. He and Stan had decided that the only way to get my mom to come rushing back home would be if we said Micah Claire was sick. Will said just say M.C. suddenly came down with the stomach bug. He said it's real believable because it comes on so fast with no warning. Well...... little did we know what Sunday had in store for M.C.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Nana's and then we came home for a quick nap (M.C stayed up till 10:30 and we were up till after 1am). About 2 hours into the nap, MC sat straight up and coughed and then the second cough was followed by vomiting. My poor baby threw up for an hour solid, then she threw up every 6-8 minutes for the next 2 hours. It was terrible for Shawn and I to watch. She didn't know what to do when she was vomiting. She wanted me to hold her, so needless to say I got thrown up on numerous times. We called our Pediatrician and we were told it's going around and try to give her a teaspoon of Peida-lite every 20 minutes. Well she couldn't keep any of that down either. Finally at 7 pm she feel into a deep sleep till 1am. She got sick then and then slept till 3 am and got sick again. We both stayed home with her today. I am happy and relieved to say that she hasn't thrown up yet today. Her appetite is slowing coming back and she's had a few wet diapers today. She gets little spurts of energy and she'll play for 20 minutes or so then she's worn out and goes to sleep.

Her she is with Nana sitting on the front porch swing in between vomiting spells.

Doesn't she just look pitiful. I don't know what I would have done without my mom; she is my hero!
She threw up on 4 different sets of pjs. So, when her daddy went to WalMart to get some Pedialite he bought her this Tinkerbell night gown and a Cinderella night gown. What a sweet daddy!

She just couldn't fight it any more. She finally crashed for 6 straight hours. It just broke my heart to see her so sick.
Here she is this morning, finally able to keep down some Pedialite. She also kept down some dry toast and dry cereal!

Less than an hour after breakfast she got her puffs out of the pantry and ate a ton on them. I am soooo glad she is starting to get better. I just hope that Shawn and I don't get it too. We've both felt yucky but that's all; so maybe it will stay that way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Micah Claire's first pig tails

A couple of months ago I saw that Addison Blaire was sporting her 1st pigtails. Until that point I had completly forgotten about pigtails. I knew there was no way Micah Claire could pull the look off yet; but it excited me for the day that she could. Two weeks ago when we went to cousin Emily's birthday party, I saw Chloe sporting the pig tails. Her and Micah Claire have about the same amount of hair so it got me to thinking..... maybe just maybe we could finally rock the pig tails! This past Sunday we had to go to a wedding shower and I wanted to see if we M.C. finally had enough hair to wear some pigtails; and...... she did. I have to say she wore them very well. The funny part is that as soon as we arrived at the shower and got out of the car Addison Blaire's Mom and her Aunt Terri pulled up right beside us. I thought it was too funny that they were the one's who reminded me of the pigtail look and that they were the first official people to see her sport them (pretty neat-o how that worked out!!!!)

Here she is just before we left for the shower. When you tell the kid GO you better mean it; because she's ready right that second!

I left her pig tails in until it was time to go to bed. Shawn was putting her Pjs on and I heard him just die laughing. He came out and got the camera and just had to take a few pictures of the "after" pig tail look. Aren't they funny as sin!

I have no idea what she was doing. These days when you pull the camera out she just goes to town with all kinds of faces and poses; such a little ham!

She almost looks like a little Chinese girl!