Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Fun Playdate

On Friday Micah Claire and I loaded up and headed to Hot Springs for a SUPER fun play date with Kayley and Cole. Micah Claire and Kayley had a great time playing with one another. Micah Claire didn't know what in the world to think about baby Cole. Before yesterday if you asked her is she wanted mommy to have another baby she would ecstatically say Yes. But after watching mommy hold and love on Cole she will emphatically say NO when you ask her.

Micah Claire sweeping and Kayley holding the dust pan. Isn't it funny how they think cleaning is day all to soon they'll learn just how un-fun it really is.

Snack time! Micah Claire ate her very first fruit roll up (of course she loved it!) Ms. Shannon was nice enough to send an extra one home with M.C!

Here is sweet baby Cole! Isn't he the cutest thing ever. He is his mommy made over!
I am telling you he is the BEST baby in the world. He was so quite and happy that I would forget he was there.

Micah Claire just had to try Cole's bumpy seat out. SHE LOVED IT!
Last Saturday Poppa Mike came to town for a visit. M.C. was FULLLLLL of more energy than normal and loved playing with Poppa Mike.

She just had to show him how she's learned to jump off the chair. I think she jumped off of it 50 times!