Friday, February 20, 2009


Less than 2 hours after I posted last Friday that Micah Claire had gone over 24 hours without throwing up... she threw up. But, happily that really was the final time. M.C. is now 100% back to her old self!

Micah Claire has always shown a preference for her left hand and foot. She use to go down stairs with her left foot first and she always ate with her spoon in her left hand. It wouldn't bother me if she was left handed (like her daddy and everybody in his family). My only concern was if she was left handed I was right handed how in the world would I teach her how to write one day. But, in the last 2 weeks she has been pulling a switch-a-roo. She now goes up or down steps with her right foot leading and she now eats with her spoon in her right hand. Everything I read says they will not truly have a preference till they're around 3 years old. So, I guess this may just be a phase and actually not a sign that she may be right handed; guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Check out the spoon the in right hand.

M.C. loves to be read to and these days she tries to read by herself. When she's all alone she grabs a book, climbs into her rocking chair, and does serious jabbering. It is so fun to ease drop on her via the monitor or peep around the corner and watch her.

Here she is letting daddy read to her about Tigers.

Is this not the sweetest picture ever! It just makes my heart melt.

M.C. reading her numbers book to Poppa.
Wednesday Uncle Brian and cousin Emily came by for a visit. Micah Claire and Emily had a blast playing with one another. Here are a few pictures.
It was so sweet to watch Emily act like a little Mommy to M.C.

M.C. showing Emily how to really operate her bus.

Say cheese!

I have no idea what M.C was thinking here..... but I think it was something like: WOW! I can't wait till I'm big enough to climb like her.

So sweet, even the cows had to stop and watch.

Emily showed M.C how to pick flowers. Ever since M.C. has picked every flower she has come across.
I LOVE this picture! It's so simple yet so sweet. I hope these two girls grow up to be the best of friends!


Evelyn said...

Thanks so much for the sweet message. I have a tracker on Claire's blog too and I would see the strangest locations...but it got a little creepy when someone we don't know left a message about how cute she was!!! Just didn't think it was worth it anymore! I love reading your blog and MC pig-tails are sooo stinkin cute!