Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Non-Stop Weekend

Saturday afternoon Micah Claire and I went to Lainee and Gracee's 4th day party at the HSU swimming pool. Micah Claire had a great time at the party. Check out their super cute mermaid cake.

M.C was more interested in getting back in the pool than singing Happy Birthday to the girls.

Her she is eating her cake with the fork in her left hand
And then she switches to the right hand
Walking and eating... that's my little multi-tasker.

All the icing makes a girls mouth dry. These days she LOVES to drink out of mommy's big girl water bottle
Ms. Traci sent M.C home with a goody bag that had Smarties in them. This was her 1st time to eat them. At first she didn't' like them because they were so hard. But then she realized how good they were once she bite into them.

She ate all 2 packages of them. I took and posted these pictures just so Ms. Traci would have proof that I actually did let M.C. eat them!

After the party we went to help our friends move into their new apartment. Shawn helped load and move all the furniture while I watched all the girls. Before I new it, it was 6:30pm and I had to get my child feed. The other adults were busy moving and unpacking so I took M.C. and Kelsey to Pizza Hut.

M.C. and Kelsey coloring me some beautiful pictures.

Micah Claire loved being with Kelsey. She just kept hugging on her; too cute!

Not really sure what's going on here. Looks like Kelsey is giving M.C. a little advice.

It got too dark and too cold to get all their stuff moved; so all 3 Davis girls spent Saturday night with us. M.C had a blast bathing and playing with Kelsey til 10:30pm.