Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Pictures from Gulf Shores

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Beach Pictures from Gulf Shores

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our First Big Booboo

Last Friday afternoon we were all out side on our front porch. Micah Claire decided she wanted out in the grass, so down the stairs she went. I guess she got in too big of hurry on her way down and some how she fell into the brick side wall of the steps. When I saw the amount of blood coming from her mouth I began to panic. I really thought she had knocked a tooth out. But luckily she just scratched her face up and got a cut on the inside of her upper lip. Thankfully all the cuts and scratches are almost gone. Just in the nick of time too; we are leaving for Gulf Shores tomorrow and were having family pictures taken on beach later this weekend! My poor baby! On Sunday night I was making mashed potatoes and she was fascinated by the beaters. I decided to let her lick them when I got threw. It took her a minute to figure out what to do, but then she loved it. She liked both beaters stark clean and then kept say MORE MOMMY!


Those boo-boos didn't stop her from licking the heck out of the beaters!

Loving some Golf

Last weekend Shawn finally decided to teach me how to play golf; it only took 9 years of me begging him! I have to say that I am not too bad of a golfer and I LOVE IT! Of course my little shadow just had to give the game a try herself.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Potty Training

I have been asking Micah Claire for the last 3 months if she was ready to wear big girl panties and tee tee on the big girl potty. She also gave me a firm NO as an answer. But last Saturday she finally said YES!!!! So while at Wal-Mart we grabbed some Tinkerbell & My Little Pony panties. I know this is probably going to be a process/transition over the next few months; but it's still VERY exciting. She gets so excited when she goes, she screams for everybody in the house to come watch her. And she's more than willing to tell ya if she went tee tee or poop, too cute!


When on the potty we make sure we have plenty of fluids, books, and stickers to keep M.C. entertained. Who knew potty training would require soooo much!

She is more excited about getting to pull her own toilet paper off than anything else!

M.C. checking out her brand new My Little Pony Panties!!!!!!!
She just couldn't wait to show her daddy.

I love this picture! She couldn't find the Pony on her panties,that belly just got in the way!

Independence Equals BIG Mess

I love the fact that my child is growing up and becoming more and more independent...... Well most days I enjoy it. However there are some days where it really wears on my nerves. Micah Claire loves to get into my pantry and play. Well I guess it just finally dawned on her that she is now big enough to help herself to just about whatever she wants in the pantry. Too bad she didn't realize that when she pull out the FULL bag of Chex Mix that she grabbed the wrong end, URRRRRRRRRRR. And of course she did this on the maids day off... JK we don't have maid... just me!