Friday, May 8, 2009

Potty Training

I have been asking Micah Claire for the last 3 months if she was ready to wear big girl panties and tee tee on the big girl potty. She also gave me a firm NO as an answer. But last Saturday she finally said YES!!!! So while at Wal-Mart we grabbed some Tinkerbell & My Little Pony panties. I know this is probably going to be a process/transition over the next few months; but it's still VERY exciting. She gets so excited when she goes, she screams for everybody in the house to come watch her. And she's more than willing to tell ya if she went tee tee or poop, too cute!


When on the potty we make sure we have plenty of fluids, books, and stickers to keep M.C. entertained. Who knew potty training would require soooo much!

She is more excited about getting to pull her own toilet paper off than anything else!

M.C. checking out her brand new My Little Pony Panties!!!!!!!
She just couldn't wait to show her daddy.

I love this picture! She couldn't find the Pony on her panties,that belly just got in the way!


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

pull your knickers down for me let me see heaven

Anonymous said...

agreed, love to get some of that sweet, bald ,tight little toddler p---y

Unknown said...

Pull those panties down so I can tickle ur peepee

Anonymous said...

Would love to cum inside her sweet pussy

Anonymous said...

Toddler pussy is the sweetest tasting