Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Micah Claire Finally Becomes a Big Cousin!!!

Micah Claire has anxiously awaited the arrival of her baby cousin Madalyn. Ms. Madalyn finally made her arrival late Sunday night.

She was all smiles when she found out that baby Maddie was on the way!M.C just couldn't wait to get out the door and head to Texarkana to meet baby Maddie!Micah Claire trying to get Mimi preoccupied as Aunt Mandee was having a c-section.M.C. plants a big one on Mimi; this was her last picture as the youngest Cowart!Weighing in at 7#'s even Madalyn Nicole FINALLY made her arrival into this world.
That is one proud new daddy!

Simply Precious!
This sweet baby has a head full of bright red, curly hair!

Nothing short a miracle.... Isn't God amazing and wonderful!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy celebrated his 29th birthday a few days ago. Micah Claire and I sent him a balloon and a Sprite basket full of yummy sweets!

I think she enjoyed the balloon more than Daddy did!

Aunt Mandee's Baby Shower

A few Saturdays ago we helped Aunt Paige throw Aunt Mandee a baby shower. Micah Claire had a great time eating cup cakes & blueberries, and playing with cousin Emily.

I LOVE this outfit; it's just too cute. I was so worried that she wasn't going to keep it on for long.. but I was wrong.. she loved it too and wore it all day!

Sweet Kisses for M.C's Mimi!

The Cowart Girls (well.. some of them)

Just couldn't keep those eyes open :)

The girls had to stop and take a second to smell Aunt Paige's beautiful flowers!

Of course my child only smelled for a second... then it was right back to running around.

Too Sweet Girls........most of the time.... okay some of the time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Goats and Fish

Meet Legend, Micah Claire's favorite goat! Legend was born premature and his mother had a terrible time nursing him so we have been bottle feeding him for the last 3 months. Micah Claire just loves feeding time. I don't know what she's gonna due when we have to wean him.After the first bottle she gets tired of having to hold her arm up so high; so Poppa has to step in with some extra help!

M.C telling Suzie, No No not your bottle!
On Friday Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie stopped by to show M.C. the BIG fish they had caught. As you can tell, M.C was super hesitant when Papaw first pulled them out.

She finally started to enjoy looking at them.... as long as Papaw kept them a good distance away from her.

And she finally gave a little smile!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Twenty-One Months Already!

Some days I still can't believe that I am a mom, let alone a mom to a 21 month old. Where-o-where has the time gone. Micah Claire is talking up a storm these days. It's so amazing how she just picks up words left and right everyday. Some days I wish we would have never taught her the word NO; some days it's all that comes out of that little mouth. I couldn't get her to put down this bottle of lotion; so we just had to take our picture with it.M.C. loves to be pushed super high; she has no idea what fear is

That's one big cheesy grin!
M.C. swinging around like the monkey that she is!

I have no idea why she will not sit up and slide; she insists she lay on her back every time.