Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stay off Our Blog Freaks!

A few months back I posted "It's big girl Panty time" and put a few pictures of Micah Clarie on the potty. When my mom saw them she said "Brooke, you know some perverts are gonna use that for child porn." I told her that was nuts and that only family and friends were on here. If you haven't noticed I have a tracker on the side page of our blog. Well... over the last few months I have noticed that, that specific entry has been visited over 50 times. Not only has it been visited it's been searched specifically via yahoo, google, etc.... I hate to say it but my mom may be right. So, to all my family and friends please excuse this posting

BUT to all you PERVERTS out there stay off our blog and quit viewing the precious pictures of my daughter as something that they are not! I don't not want to have to make our blog private because I know lots of people enjoy it BUT I WILL IF I HAVE to for the safety of my baby!


Beth said...

That is scary! When I worked at the crime lab, the digital evidence section had a note outside about knocking before entering because of the photos that they had to go though. There are some really sick people out there. Thanks for letting us know!

It's a wonderful life said...

I am so sorry that is happening to you I will be more careful!!

Beth said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! That freaks me out a little! I had a post ready to go about Scarlett streaking on the golf course, but never put it up.... mainly out of fear! Heard MC is coming back to Memaw's on Wednesday........... she is excited! I will have to bring Scarlett down to play with her sometime.