Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day at the Zoo

We decided to spend Labor day at the Little Rock Zoo. Micah Claire had a great time! This was her very first time to ride the carousel. She was super excited about riding it till it started moving. She quickly decided she wanted "OFF MOMMA!" But we managed to keep her on there for the entire ride. We asked her later in the afternoon if she wanted to ride the horse again and she told us NO!

And of course we had to stop and make some pictures with the big monkey! Yep there's that cheesey grin yet again.....urrr!

Here she is checking out those monkeys; her favorite!We decided to attend the special bird show they were having. It was very interesting but 25 mins is just too long for 2 year old to sit. Of course the speaker kept having to tell the parents to make their kids have a seat since the birds were flying overheard. So, this is me trying to explain to my very impatient 2 year why we have to sit down and be very still.
And we had to stop and play at the little park. I think she would have spent all day there if we would have let her.
Daddy gave her several boosts to see all the animals; daddy got quite a workout this day!Checking out the elephants via daddy's shoulders!This bear gave quite a show. He sat right in front of the glass. The kids loved it!And just had to take a family train ride! Cho Cho!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this the sweetest picture! And who can go to the zoo without getting a shave ice; or as M.C calls it icee!Now that's some serious concentration going on there!And of course she had to show off her blue tongue! PRICELESS!


Tammie said...

Oh the zoo!!! we spent many a day there. All they ever wanted to do was ride the train. Take her to Boo at the Zoo... the boys always loved it.Brings back great memories of AR.

Misti Strasner said...

Well you can for sure tell she is a daddyy's girl!!! Cute pics.