Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mommie and MC's Saturday Together!

Daddy spent the weekend at deer camp so me and Micah Claire had an entire Saturday to ourselves. Our day was jammed full of fun. We started the morning out with Micah Claire's new favorite thing, her Ray-tor-back (as she says) chair. Ms. Brenda and Mr. Jim got her this chair several weeks ago; but we didn't give it to her till her birthday. She absolutely loves that she has a chair just like mommy and daddy's. And she loves that it's small enough that she can carry it around and open & close it all by herself! Thanks Brenda and Jim!

Then after a 2 hour nap we went to the county fair. My dad entered her and Legend's photo in the cutest kid and pet photo contest. She won second place! She was so excited to she her picture and her BIG ribbon! I personally think they should have one first place, but I may be a little biased!

She loved seeing all the animals; especially the turkey and the roosters.

Too much going on to give mommy a real smile.

Again distracted by the roosters!

Then we made our happy hour trip to sonic for her favorite, a Orange Slush! She loves to sit up front turn, up the music, and wait for her icee!

And she LOVES dance!
And finally her orange slush arrived!

And of course she had to show me her tongue to see if it Orange yet! LOL

Then we went to dinner with Papaw and Ms. Debbie. To say my child LOVES butter is a true understatement. It's just about all she will eat when we got out to eat. Good Stuff!