Saturday, September 12, 2009

WOO Pig Sooie Party

Today we finally got to have Micah Claire's 2nd birthday party. I was EXTREMELY worried that it was going to get rained out. But we got lucky and got hardly any rain! 30 minutes before the party started M.C. got a very special delivery. Aunt KayKay, Ben, and Amy Jo sent her some balloons with a pink teddy bear and some candy.

M.C. trying to get her new teddy bear

And then she found the bag of candy and the teddy bear suddenly wasn't so importantWe had tables set up with megaphones, pom-poms, and goodie razorback cups

M.C. and her Cadie Belle!

Here is her SUPER CUTE Razorback cake. Greg did an AWESOME job on it!!!!!

What an intense look!
M.C. trying REALLLLLLLLLY hard to blow that silly candle out!

Good food, good family & friends.... just doesn't get any better I tell ya!

Micah Claire finally got to eat!

I was glad it didn't rain and the kidos loved playing on M.C's park!

Poppa Stan got her a new shiny red tricycle.

She had a blast opening her birthday gifts. She got some wonderful gifts!


My Sweetie Pie!
Emily, Maddie and M.C; The 3 Cowart Grand-daughters!

M.C. giving Maddie a pretend bath!

Some how these 2 found the energy to come inside and do a million flips!

Then a little Razorback Cheer for Mimi

We partied for almost 4 hours. Then Micah Claire passed smooth out and took a 3 hour nap. Now that's the true definition of partying hard!


Delta Bost said...

Love the cake!
It was good seeing you the other day too- you look great as always! I can't believe how big Micah Claire is getting. She is adorable!