Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Micah Claire has been ready for Halloween for weeks now. She has been saying Trick or treat and Candy so much it's been driving is bonkers! She was a butterfly this year, but she called it Tinkerbell so we went with it.

She wasn't as happy for her momma to take her picture though, as you can tellCheck out those wings! I finally got some action and smiles when I told her she could dance!

And dance she did
and did some more!

Then her very two favorite lady bugs showed up, Lainee and Gracee.

Then papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie came. The got her some colors and several coloring books. And some how they managed to sneak M.C. in some............

Skittles, her new favorite candy! And as you can see was extremely happy!

She did so much flying around her wing fell off, but Ms. Traci came to the rescue and fixed her right back up!

Then Nana and Poppa showed up to bring her more goodies. They got her a plastic flute, some bubbles, a book and they also snuck her in.....................................

A candy necklace. I tell ya what Grandparents just don't listen to well to Mommy's and Daddy's! And then our man Tucker made his arrival. We tried really had to get all 4 of these kidos in one perfect picture; but it just didn't work out.

This is about as good as we could get.

My butterfly, excuse me, I mean my Tinkerbell was pooped by the end of the night. She didn't even want to take a picture with her mommy. That is until.......................

Her brilliant Poppa gave her an M&M thinking that would make her happy...... and well..... this is the picture I got. Oh well, I love her...... chocolate teeth and all!

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Is this the same person who used to babysit my child and gave him coke! I said BROOKE! You said " it's OK it was diet." I almost had a stroke!!

The Cowart Family said...

Tammie, I am sooo sorry PLEASE forgive me. I was young and dumb! I hope yall had a happy halloween!

Rich and Renee said...

ahh....she is too precious. do they just keep getting more fun?