Friday, October 9, 2009

M.C's week-in-review

Last Friday night Ms. Shannon and Cadie Belle stopped by for a visit. Cadie has a blast eating Micah Claire's spaghetti, as you can see! Now, that's one messy little face!

Saturday night we made a trip to deer camp to visit Daddy, Uncle Eric and Poppa Stan. Micah Claire had a great time visiting and watching the Razorback game.

M.C. showing Aunt Ashley her hurt toe! Sweet smiles and laughs!

Even Nana got some snuggle time with M.C.
Sunday Micah Claire turned 25 months old and got sported the new "Kitty Cat" dress that Nana got her.

I am soooo ready for this child to quit making this face EVERY TIME I pull the camera out. M.C. and her daddy watching some Sunday football.
After a year of hardly any hair growth, this child's hair is growing like crazy!

This was her first time to get to wear a headband. She liked to look at it and wear it on her wrist, but she wasn't too pumped about actually wearing it. M.C showing off her new slipper shoes!

Micah Claire loves her Halloween outfit that our neighbor Ms. Sandy got her! YEP... there's that face again!
Mimi came last night and spent the night with us. Micah Claire was so excited to see her. She and Mimi played hard all morning while Mommy cleaned house. It was nice to get to clean my house without my little helper under foot! Thanks Mimi!!!

I think Mimi got a workout pushing M.C around the house all morning long!