Saturday, October 31, 2009

M.C's first trip to Mt. Ida

This morning we headed out to Mt. Ida to watch cousin Colton play his last football game of the season.

Micah Claire was more than ready to go, go, go! She had to make sure she her babies BayBay and Maddie came along for the ride too!
We made stop in Glenwood to eat at Pizza Shack with Uncle Carl and his family. I got a picture of M.C and Daddy there, but for some silly reason I didn't take a picture of baby Carley. But if you've ever seen Carl Jones you've seen Carley Jo Jones because she looks JUST like him!
Then it was on to Mt. Ida for some football!Cousin Colton got to be a captain at this game. Turns out he was the star of the game; he scored TWO TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!M.C. went out with Aunt Stacy and cousin Emily to watch the boys run threw the sign! It was so hot and bright out side that M.C. had to borrow her mommy's sunglasses.
And guess who was there......... Yep....... Cousin Madelyn! M.C had so much fun playing with her that she didn't watch hardly any of the foot ball game.

M.C. watching Madelyn's every move. She even got to help Aunt Mandee make her a bottle!

It was well past M.C's nap time when we finally hit the room home. As you can tell she sprawled out and slept the entire way home.