Monday, November 30, 2009

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thanksgiving night, while Micah Claire was sound asleep, I put the Christmas tree up. I waited till Friday to let her help me put the ornaments on. She was soooooo excited, she was running around saying Merry Christmas Trick-or-Treat. I could not stop laughing at her, it was hilarious! M.C. getting some ornaments out for mommy. Every time she'd pick one up she's say, "oh be careful sissy!" PRECIOUS!!!Every picture I took she was making her terribly silly grin or dancing. I asked her to please be serious for a second and this is the picture that I got. She looks soooo sad... guess I should have let her dance! This was her most favorite ornament. It says 2005 and has 2 people faces with me and Shawn's name on it. She kept coming up to me pointing and saying here's mommy, here's daddy! Oh I LOVE THIS KID; she's can always make me laugh and smile!

And then we put our "silly Santa" (as M.C. calls it) up on our front door. She LOVES this silly thing. She opens the front door a million times a day just to see it. We'll be cooking dinner, or reading a book in her room and all of a sudden she'll jump up and say "I wanna see Santa Tause," and way she goes to see him!

I bought this cheap little Christmas door clingy things and this child has taken up with them. She loves to press them on, look at them for a minute, and then move them again and again and again. I am afraid the cling is gonna wear off of them before Christmas gets here.

On Saturday M.C., Nana and I went to do some shopping and to see the big jolly ole man himself. M.C. has been talking about going to see Santa for weeks now. She said she was going to sit in his lap all by herself and tell him that she wanted a trampoline for Christmas. Well.... all that changed when she got about 5 feet away from him. She wanted NOTHING to do with him! I thought she was going to choke me the way she started grabbing at me when he reached for her. Needless to say after SEVERAL minutes Nana and I finally got her calmed down enough to tell Santa what she wanted and to get a picture.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We spent Thanksgiving at the Cowart house in Lodi. Micah Claire had a great time playing with all her aunt, uncles, and cousins. Cousin Jessica got the job of pushing M.C. on the swing. As you can tell by M.C's tongue hanging out she enjoyed every minute of it!I just had to post this picture showing Emily's hair going everywhere; too funny!

And of course baby Madelyn was there. M.C. just couldn't get enough of her. I thought she would be super jealous to see daddy holding her but she wasn't in the slightest bit.

Looks like Madelyn was really studying M.C.!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you all did too!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bye-Bye CRV

Friday me, M.C. and Daddy made a trip to Hot Springs to do some shopping. I have been looking for a new 2010 Equinox for months now with no luck. We just happened to make a swing threw car lot and there it was! It was love at first site! The car dealership's mascot, Clyde the horse, was there and M.C. was fascinated by them...... that is until he came up to her........ then she almost had a panic attack. The people at the dealership took a picture of us with him. M.C. was doing everything she could to get away from Clyde. She almost chocked her poor mommy with her balloon string. I don't know why this picture posted this way. I can't figure out how to rotate it, but it's still funny as sin to look at!

M.C. enjoy her last few minutes in mommy's CRV.

She was soooooooo excited to get in the new car! She keeps tell me, "lets ride in mommy's new car please!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day with Cadie

Sunday afternoon Cadie Belle came over for a few hours. We decide to take advantage of the wonderful weather and head to the park.

What a cutie-pie!
Hugs for CadieAnd even a sweet kiss.

Then it was time for a quick snack break. As you can tell there was a battle for the bag of gold fish and..................Cadie Belle won the battle!Cadie had a blast in the sand! She liked it so much she decided to try and taste it. Don't worry Ms. Shannon we cleaned her up very quickly!
M.C. is proud that she can now climb to the top of the big slide all by herself!

Fun with Mimi & Emily

Friday night was girls night out. I thought I was not going to get to go, due to all my family being at deer camp. But, my WONDERFUL mother-in-law came to my rescue. She and cousin Emily came down and spent the night with Micah Claire. Poor Mimi was trying to read to M.C. and Emily and M.C. just had too much energy to sit still. This was about the only time that these two girls sat still. They were full of energy, they rolled and tumbled all morning long!


Nothing like cousinly love! LOL

Saturday, November 7, 2009

26 Months

There are still some days that I can't believe I am a mom, let alone a mom to a 26 month old. M.C. is non-stop these days. She is talking up a storm. It is simply amazing to hear her talk in full sentences. Wednesday night we ate dinner at the Givens' house. Micah Claire had a great time playing with her best friend Cadie and baby Blakley.

Two pretty girls!
Friday M.C. and I spent the morning at the park. She is so full of life and energy these days!

Look at that smile and that hair!

She still loves to swing on her belly.

But her new favorite thing to do is lean back in the swing. It scares me to death but she LOVES IT!
My little acrobat!