Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Finally Made it!

Well it took 3 Christmases, but the we finally got to spend Christmas day at my Granny's house. The first year M.C. was only a few weeks old so we didn't want to make the trip and last year we just couldn't fit the 3 hour trip into hectic Christmas schedule. But, this year I was determined we were going.... and going we did. I LOVE being at my Granny Stoner's house. It's one of the most loudest, busiest places in the world. But, I have no doubt there are very places as full with love as that house is. My Granny has 8 kids, 19 grand kids (8 spouses to to those grand kids) and 12 Great Grands. The entire crew minus only 6 family members were there. Needles to say it was a packed house. M.C did great on the car ride up there. She napped, she ate, and she played and never ONCE got upset! And she on the way home she slept the ENTIRE 3 hours! WOO-WHO!

M.C. with cousins Brandon and Savannah. Not a one looking at the camera;LOL

Okay, try again.......... nope only got one looking this time. DANG IT take three... no takers.... it's back to zero eyes on the camera. Kids... gotta love em!M.C. and her big cousin Sara

M.C. and big cousin Hannah (Hannah is Sara's little sister if ya can't tell by looking!) This is SUPER SWEET Sara Beth! Isn't she precious. I could have squeezed this little one to death. She has the best little personality; and is soooo laid back. I swear she has the prettiest skin; she looks like a little china doll with those sweet round cheeks.

M.C. and Sara Beth.

Nana with S.B. and M.C!

And last but certainly not least! M.C. and her favorite cousin Amy Jo! I think M.C. asked me a million times, Where's Amy? This child loves her some Amy Jo and so do I! I remember when Amy Jo was M.C's age, doesn't seem like that was 16 years ago (insert teardrop!).
Okay, so I think I am officially caught up with all my Christmas post and pictures; HOT DOG! We had a wonderful blessed Christmas and we hope you did too!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with Nana & Poppa

After Christmas Eve day at the Cowarts, we flew home and got ready for Christmas with Nana, Poppa, Uncle Eric and Aunt Ashley! Usually my child is dressed up in her Christmas dress, but this year we didn't make it home in time for mass. So.... we took a quick bath and wore our pj's instead.

Nana and PoppaNana and Poppa with their favorite girl!I don't know why, but my child has a tendency to grab people's necklace's while taking pictures. She has broken so many of my necklaces I almost never wear them any more. As you can see she almost choked Nana while taking this picture.Take two... this time with out the choke hold.The Cowarts Aunt Ashley's first Christmas as a Roberson!

And little Ms. Priss all by her self!

Christmas Eve with the Cowarts

We spent Christmas Eve Day at the Cowart house in Glenwood. We had a great time eating, watching the kido's open presents, playing dirty Santa, and did I mention eating. I love Christmas time for soooo many reasons but probably one of favorite reason is it's a great excuse to pig out on sweets (especially fudge!) Micah Claire got some wonderful presents and super cute clothes!

At the Cowart house the rule is you can't open a single present till everybody has all their presents in front of them. Well...... Micah Claire didn't adhere to that rule one bit this year; one of the perks of being only 2 years old! Poor Emily kept asking her mommy if she could open her presents and Aunt Stacy kept telling her the rule. Then Emily would counter back with.... but Micah Claire is opening hers! Then Aunt Stacy tried to explain why that rule didn't really apply to M.C. this year! Fun times and great memories! Mimi and Poppa Mike got M.C an easel! She can color, use the dry erase board or paint in this easel; it does it all. I can't wait to watch M.C. finger paint for the first time! Yep, then it was family picture time! It's getting much easier to get these 3 to take a good picture. But now that there's a new little one, that makes it a little challenging on the photographers! LOL
Take one.... Madelyn had to stop and give M.C. a quick kiss-CUTE!I forget what take this is but it was up there in the teens or twenties. I guess this about as good as you can expect with all these kidos!

Yep.... then it was melt down time. Now I can laugh at these times and pictures because it's finally not my child having the melt down!

And quick family picture of the 3 of us!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with Papaw Barry

We had our Christmas with Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie last night. Of course M.C. got more toys than she needed; but my dad tells me that's what's Grandparents are for. I hope these grandparents help pay for the addition to my house that I'm gonna need to have room for all these toys; LOL!She couldn't wait to start opening all her gifts. I remember this time last year she was so hesitant about opening presents. Oh my how things change soooo quickly. Now she wastes no time now tearing into her gifts. There is no greater joy than to see your child so excited, it's such a wonderful feeling!

They got her a super cute bouncing pony that she just loves!

I think she bounced over every inch of this house!She also got a life-size baby doll. It came dressed in a mermaid suit but also came with a dress. After she played with her in the mermaid dress she wanted to play with her in the other outfit. So daddy decided he'd do that for her........ and welllllllll..........Daddy didn't realize the doll came equipped with boobs. He had that doll all up in his face trying to dress her before he even realized why we were all laughing so hard at him. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it! (He's probably gonna kill me for posting this picture but it was too funny not to.)
Although she got some fun toys and cute new clothes, the best gift they got her was her very own purple toddler bible with her named inscribed on it. This morning while she was eating breakfast she said "I want my bible; I wanna see Jesus!" Talk about bringing a mother to tears. To hear your child say something that sweet is truly heart wrenching.

A Special Delivery from Aunt Christie

Yesterday Micah Claire received a gift in the mail all the from her WONDERFUL Aunt Christie in North Dakota. She was super excited to see just what Aunt Tist-tee sent her. You can see the excitement and anticipation in her eyes!

She got a SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty dress! As soon as she opened it she said "oh it's so pretty!"

Aunt Christie even sent Mommy as precious girlfriends necklace!
Thanks Aunt Christie for everything. We miss you so much, love you and can't wait to see you this spring. You are the best Aunt EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas with Cadie

Wednesday night the Givens' came over for dinner and Christmas present exchange.

Little miss Cadie! She's walking up a storm now and is non-stop! Two sweet girls!Then it was time to open presents. Micah Claire was soooo excited to see what she got!

She got an Elefun and she now loves it! She asks everyday to play with it!It took her a little while to figure out that she was suppose to catch the butterflies, but after a little while she was catching them in her net!She caught a yellow one!Then M.C. decided it was time to fix Mr. Anthony's hair. Thank goodness he was such a good sport!Then Papaw Barry stopped bye to try on his Santa suit. It freaked M.C. out when he walked out of the back room. Papaw had to pull down his bread to show her that it was really him.

We thought Cadie might let him holder and take a picture, but as you can tell we were realllllly wrong. She wanted NOTHING to do with him!Micah Claire loved the outfit they got her. When she woke up Thursday morning she ran straight to the outfit and said "I wear this to Memaw's today!"Still my little monkey. Oh.... to have that much energy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PFCU Grand Opening

Today was PFCU's Grand Opening! Micah Claire is a little under the weather, so I took the day to be with her and we decided to attend Daddy's grand opening. I had plans of taking lots of great pictures... but my camera battery had a different plan.... it decided it was a great time to die on me. But I did manage to get a few good pictures of M.C. and her daddy and his office. My two sweeties!This picture just makes me smile on the inside and out! I love these 2 knuckleheads!
Daddy's office is full of Razorback stuff. This is his moooooooost favorite thing in the world, his Razorback football signed by McFadden and Jones.
Can you tell Daddy loves those Hogs!!!!!