Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Cowarts

We spent Christmas Eve Day at the Cowart house in Glenwood. We had a great time eating, watching the kido's open presents, playing dirty Santa, and did I mention eating. I love Christmas time for soooo many reasons but probably one of favorite reason is it's a great excuse to pig out on sweets (especially fudge!) Micah Claire got some wonderful presents and super cute clothes!

At the Cowart house the rule is you can't open a single present till everybody has all their presents in front of them. Well...... Micah Claire didn't adhere to that rule one bit this year; one of the perks of being only 2 years old! Poor Emily kept asking her mommy if she could open her presents and Aunt Stacy kept telling her the rule. Then Emily would counter back with.... but Micah Claire is opening hers! Then Aunt Stacy tried to explain why that rule didn't really apply to M.C. this year! Fun times and great memories! Mimi and Poppa Mike got M.C an easel! She can color, use the dry erase board or paint in this easel; it does it all. I can't wait to watch M.C. finger paint for the first time! Yep, then it was family picture time! It's getting much easier to get these 3 to take a good picture. But now that there's a new little one, that makes it a little challenging on the photographers! LOL
Take one.... Madelyn had to stop and give M.C. a quick kiss-CUTE!I forget what take this is but it was up there in the teens or twenties. I guess this about as good as you can expect with all these kidos!

Yep.... then it was melt down time. Now I can laugh at these times and pictures because it's finally not my child having the melt down!

And quick family picture of the 3 of us!