Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas with Cadie

Wednesday night the Givens' came over for dinner and Christmas present exchange.

Little miss Cadie! She's walking up a storm now and is non-stop! Two sweet girls!Then it was time to open presents. Micah Claire was soooo excited to see what she got!

She got an Elefun and she now loves it! She asks everyday to play with it!It took her a little while to figure out that she was suppose to catch the butterflies, but after a little while she was catching them in her net!She caught a yellow one!Then M.C. decided it was time to fix Mr. Anthony's hair. Thank goodness he was such a good sport!Then Papaw Barry stopped bye to try on his Santa suit. It freaked M.C. out when he walked out of the back room. Papaw had to pull down his bread to show her that it was really him.

We thought Cadie might let him holder and take a picture, but as you can tell we were realllllly wrong. She wanted NOTHING to do with him!Micah Claire loved the outfit they got her. When she woke up Thursday morning she ran straight to the outfit and said "I wear this to Memaw's today!"Still my little monkey. Oh.... to have that much energy!