Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with Papaw Barry

We had our Christmas with Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie last night. Of course M.C. got more toys than she needed; but my dad tells me that's what's Grandparents are for. I hope these grandparents help pay for the addition to my house that I'm gonna need to have room for all these toys; LOL!She couldn't wait to start opening all her gifts. I remember this time last year she was so hesitant about opening presents. Oh my how things change soooo quickly. Now she wastes no time now tearing into her gifts. There is no greater joy than to see your child so excited, it's such a wonderful feeling!

They got her a super cute bouncing pony that she just loves!

I think she bounced over every inch of this house!She also got a life-size baby doll. It came dressed in a mermaid suit but also came with a dress. After she played with her in the mermaid dress she wanted to play with her in the other outfit. So daddy decided he'd do that for her........ and welllllllll..........Daddy didn't realize the doll came equipped with boobs. He had that doll all up in his face trying to dress her before he even realized why we were all laughing so hard at him. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it! (He's probably gonna kill me for posting this picture but it was too funny not to.)
Although she got some fun toys and cute new clothes, the best gift they got her was her very own purple toddler bible with her named inscribed on it. This morning while she was eating breakfast she said "I want my bible; I wanna see Jesus!" Talk about bringing a mother to tears. To hear your child say something that sweet is truly heart wrenching.