Friday, December 4, 2009

Hair Shack Baby

Today Micah Claire is 27 months old! My little girl is growing so fast! Today I took her to see Ms. Brandi at the Hair Shack. The back of her hair has gotten long, stringy and very uneven; so she was well do for her 1st real hair cut. She was a little nervous at first. But once mommy pulled the sucker out she was fine. She sat very still and did just what mommy and Ms. Brandi told her to.

The sucker trick got her right into the chair!She was so excited about her hair cut.... she talked about it all the way home and once we got home she had to call her daddy, nana, and papaw to tell them all about it!Micah Claire's new do! Too cute! Thanks Ms. Brandi! And a shot from the back!


Mandy said...

Very cute! (and the hair cut too!)

Delta Bost said...

I love her haircut! So cute!
Oh- and I love your new car too... we are now in the market for something bigger so it caught my eye for sure

Evelyn said...

VERY CUTE...what a little model!

Alison said...

Cute! Brandi does my hair...she's wonderful! I don't guess I realized that Micah Claire was just a month younger than Zoe. Zoe will be 29 months on the 18th.