Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Finally Made it!

Well it took 3 Christmases, but the we finally got to spend Christmas day at my Granny's house. The first year M.C. was only a few weeks old so we didn't want to make the trip and last year we just couldn't fit the 3 hour trip into hectic Christmas schedule. But, this year I was determined we were going.... and going we did. I LOVE being at my Granny Stoner's house. It's one of the most loudest, busiest places in the world. But, I have no doubt there are very places as full with love as that house is. My Granny has 8 kids, 19 grand kids (8 spouses to to those grand kids) and 12 Great Grands. The entire crew minus only 6 family members were there. Needles to say it was a packed house. M.C did great on the car ride up there. She napped, she ate, and she played and never ONCE got upset! And she on the way home she slept the ENTIRE 3 hours! WOO-WHO!

M.C. with cousins Brandon and Savannah. Not a one looking at the camera;LOL

Okay, try again.......... nope only got one looking this time. DANG IT take three... no takers.... it's back to zero eyes on the camera. Kids... gotta love em!M.C. and her big cousin Sara

M.C. and big cousin Hannah (Hannah is Sara's little sister if ya can't tell by looking!) This is SUPER SWEET Sara Beth! Isn't she precious. I could have squeezed this little one to death. She has the best little personality; and is soooo laid back. I swear she has the prettiest skin; she looks like a little china doll with those sweet round cheeks.

M.C. and Sara Beth.

Nana with S.B. and M.C!

And last but certainly not least! M.C. and her favorite cousin Amy Jo! I think M.C. asked me a million times, Where's Amy? This child loves her some Amy Jo and so do I! I remember when Amy Jo was M.C's age, doesn't seem like that was 16 years ago (insert teardrop!).
Okay, so I think I am officially caught up with all my Christmas post and pictures; HOT DOG! We had a wonderful blessed Christmas and we hope you did too!


Alison said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I'm impressed that M.C did so well...ours on the other hand...well, let's just say we had a new child at my parents, one who tried to show out constantly (and not in a good way). But if you knew my family, you would understand. Sress and tension is an understatement and my guess is that she fed off of that. :(