Friday, December 31, 2010

One RUFFFFF week

So we all woke on Christmas morning all a little stuffy... well that stuffiness turned into terrible colds for my hubby and my girls. Poor Kinley couldn't hardly breath, so that meant she wasn't eating for sleeping well... which meant mommy missed out on lots of sleep. By Wednesday morning I had the girls at Dr. Perrin's office. She gave M.C. some medicine but said Kinley was too little so we just had to tuff it out. Uhhhhhh and tuff if out we did. It's so hard to see your little baby so sick and it's hard to go without sleep. And it's sooo hard to deal with a fussy, cranky, sick 3 year old. It's amazing how you can LOVE somebody soooo much who can drive you NUTS so easily! But they are all now better and I hope they stay that way!It has rained EVERYDAY since Christmas and M.C. hasn't gotten to ride her new big girl bicycle. But it finally dried up for a little while on Thursday so she got to ride for about an hour!

She did soooo good!

I love that my camera takes pictures soooo fast b/c it allowed me to get her 1st wreck;lol!

and down she goes.......
wipe out.............
But she came up with a smile on her face!!!!

And she got right back up and rode some more!!!

She's even got great at making turns! Such a big girl!!!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Laura and cousins Jon & Sarah surprised us on Sunday and we were soooo excited to see them!!!! ( okay.... for all those who ask me if Kinley's hair EVER lays down, here is your proof that it does! When we wash it, it will lay flat for 1/2 day then it's straight back up in the air)Kinley usually gets a bottle on Saturdays, but we've been busy these last 3 weeks and she hasn't' gotten one, but I didn't think it would be that big of deal..... Well was I ever wrong. She REFUSED to take a bottle for 3 days. And when I say refused... I mean that baby would scream her head off if she even saw the bottle. I was a nervous wreck about it. But.....She FINALLY took a bottle from Daddy on Tuesday, one from Nana on Wednesday and one from me on Thursday. YAYYYYYYYYYYY Kinley!!!! Crisis resolved!!!!!

Finally last night Ms. Kinley stared feeling better. She is now back to her happy, smiling self! And she's Finally starting to sleep at night again!!!!
She's 13 weeks today and will be 3 months old tomorrow. WOW 3 whole months old; that almost doesn't seem possible!

I love this picture; this look sums up how I've felt all week!HAHA

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Eve Night & Christmas Day

After having Christmas eve at Mimi's house, we had to hurry home and get ready for Santa Clause! M.C. was sooo worried that Santa was going to come while she was awake and she wouldn't get her presents. She asked me a hundred times if Santa had flown by yet and if he had would he come back when she was asleep; LOVE IT!She couldn't' wait to put out the reindeer food that Georgia Kate gave her.She wanted to put it everywhere, but Daddy convinced her it was best to just put it right out on the front steps; wonder why daddy!!!!Then we had to put our our reindeer cookies and orange juice for Santa. Don't ask my why she wanted to leave oj instead of milk because I have idea where she got that idea from. And we had to put out our sticker report card for Santa so he could see if she had been good enough to get her toys. ( If you notice... there is one full row with NO stickers on it.... that's the "stayed out of trouble/didn't go to time out line)

Then we decided to open our presents from one another before bed. M.C. has been asking and asking for this leotard but I told her it really didn't fit. So you can see how shocked she was when she opened her gift from Daddy! And you can see from the look on Daddy's face it made him just as happy to give it to her!

Sometime during the night Santa came and went and left some wonderful gifts for the girls. Micah Claire woke at 7am and came into our room. YES...... she walked right through the dining room where her presents where and didn't even see them. She climbed into our bed and asked if Santa came last night; we both about wet our pants when she asked that. I have a feeling next year she wont walk right past them and we will awake to her squeals!She was soooo excited that Santa brought her the "Big girl bike with training wheels" that she wanted and the helmet too! Daddy putting the helmet on to complete her look!

And she got the tent she had asked for a hundred times. She couldn't believe it came with a back pack, a sleeping bag and..........
a head lamp! Too cute!
Now Kinley on the other hand slept through M.C.'s first 15 minutes of squeals and then finally woke up! And as you can see from the look on her face.... she could have just about cared less;ha!

So, big sister started caring all Kinley's stuff over to her...... and you can tell that Kinley just really wasn't impressed;lol!
Santa got her some new pj's and sippy cups and bowls in her stocking, and...... her very on Bumpy labels!!!!!!! These will come in handy when she starts to daycare next week, thanks Santa!

M.C. LOVED her toys and Kinley's; it was like having 2 Christmases for her!
She looks like such a big girl in her new exersaucer. And seriously.... could this child look any more like her DADDY in this picture?!?!?!
My dad & Ms. Debbie and Nana & Poppa all came over to see what Santa had brought! Nana wanted to try out M.C.'s new Barbie bike! We were suppose to leave for my Granny's but we all woke up sick and decided it was best to not travel that day. Which turned out to be a great decision b/c we all got sicker as the day went on and poor Kinley was up all that night coughing and sneezing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Mimi and Poppa's

M.C. in front of Mimi's Christmas tree wearing the outfit Ms. Brenda got her!Kinley and her Poppa MikePoppa with Kinley and Madelyn!Aunt Mandee with my girls! ( Kinda looks like Kinley is leaning up to let one rip;lol!)M.C. and Emily! Two sweet girls!Micah Claire trying to patiently wait to open all her Christmas gifts... oh to be a child again!Mimi and Poppa got M.C. some dress up clothes and 3 pairs of high heels aka "tappy shoes" and M.C. was THRILLED!!!!!!!!!She was SUPER excited about the Dora mermaid doll that Aunt Mandee and Uncle Jerry got her. Dora has taken a bath every night since with M.C.And she got the baby alive doll from aunt Stacy and Uncle Brain!M.C. immediately put a pair of "tappy shoes" on and wore them all day long!Mimi got the grandkids a Ginger Bread house kit and they all had a ball putting it together and eating all the candy and icing. Colton helping M.C. with her sideM.C. working hard on her side of the roofcheese......picture break!Then somebody gave M.C. the icing bag.... and what did she do with it.......oh... she ate the icing straight from the bag. So, mommy stepped in to stop that BUT........who needs an icing bag when you've got a Mimi near by to feed it to ya;ha!M.C. and her Aunt Stacy 2 cute knuckle heads!

Mimi gave us Madelyn's old Bumpy chair for Kinley.... but Big Sister really likes it too;ha!

And what did baby sister do during all these fun activities.... you guessed it... she slept for 3 1/2 hours!