Friday, January 29, 2010

M.C Hearts Aunt Paige

Last Friday night we loaded and headed out to meet up with Aunt Paige and Uncle Jody at the Arkadelphia Senior High Basketball game. Micah Claire had a GREAT TIME hanging out with Aunt Paige. She did EVERYTHING Aunt Paige did, if Aunt Paige yelled, MC yelled, if she stomped her feet, M.C stomped her feet, if Aunt Paige jumped up to cheer M.C. was cheering too! It was a super sweet sight, it was like Aunt Paige had a mini-me for the night. I was really excited that I might get a picture of M.C with Barney the Badger; boy-oh-boy was I ever wrong. Any time he even came within 20 yards of her she was start reaching for me and crying.

M.C. and her beautiful Aunt Paige! Two giggly girls!Aunt Paige and M.C. cheering on the DeQueen boys!

Uncle Jody looking so intense! His boy's played a great game and beat the Badgers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cousin Emily Turns 6

Two Saturdays ago we went to Glenwood to help Cousin Emily celebrate her 6th Birthday! But, before we could leave, Micah Claire had to get her work out in! Who says fashion and fitness don't go hand-in-hand, ha!M.C. trying to wait patiently for Uncle Brian to bring her some ice cream.Oh the anticipation.......At last Time to dig in!M.C. and her Mimi! Don't they both look cute in their pink!M.C. and Colton!

M.C. had a great time playing with all the little girls

Me and My girl! I am sure before I know it M.C. will be turning six years old. Here's to hoping time slows down a little bit!

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Heat Wave Baby!

Okay, well it's really not been a heat wave. But, this week it finally got of 30's and into the 50's and a few days into the 60's! Micah Claire was soooo excited that she has finally been able to go outside and play. Which has made for a less cranky child, which in turn makes momma happy!My wonderful mother has taught my child how to twist while she's swinging, or "crazy swinging" as Micah Claire calls it. Needless to say M.C. has had to learn the hard way that this crazy swinging can make her hit the side of the swing set and that doesn't feel to good. But, of course this really hasn't stopped her from doing it.

My Little Swinging Monkey!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Note the ugly dead grass; I am soooo ready for summer (minus all the mowing that goes along with it).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jumping for Poop!

We have had a time trying to get Ms. Micah Claire to poop on the potty. She is slowly but surely FINALLY starting to get the hang of it! On Tuesday she pooped 2 times on the potty at Memaw's house. She was so excited she couldn't wait to tell us. And her Daddy was soooo excited that he let her jump on the trampoline Tuesday night till it got dark. It's been so cold since Christmas that she hasn't got to spend a lot of time on it. So needless to say she was super pumped that she got to spend so much time on her trampoline!

Here's to hoping the pooping on the potty streak continues!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Relapse at 28 months

Micah Claire turned 28 months old this past Monday! It's wonderful and yet sometimes exhausting to have a 28 month old. She has learned that just because you ask her to do something doesn't mean she has to do it; Talk about FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!! Memaw found a bag of her baby stuff and sent it home with us on Tuesday. Well.... in that bag was her old passy and an old bottle. Needless to say Micah Claire was super excited to play with those items. Her new thing is to say "I'm a baby!" It's soooo funny to watch her.

Oh the passy! In the good ole days it would keep her quite; not so much these days!

She demanded we put milk in it for her.... we compromised and put water in there for her.
She begged her Daddy to feed her. I COULDN'T believe it. This girl would not take a bottle from any body but memaw when she was little. Some days she would even refuse the bottle and hold out till I got home from work to nurse.

Oh what a sweet baby, ha!
We finally had time to put her Easel together. She has had a blast drawing everybody in the world a picture!

This was a picture she drew for memaw. We forgot to take it to memaw the next morning and she cried the entire way to memaws when she remembered we had left it.
My little 28 a month old baby!
It hasn't been above freezing in days and isn't suppose to be for several more days. My poor child is about to stir crazy.. just like her momma! Here's hoping Summer Gets Here SOON!