Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Heat Wave Baby!

Okay, well it's really not been a heat wave. But, this week it finally got of 30's and into the 50's and a few days into the 60's! Micah Claire was soooo excited that she has finally been able to go outside and play. Which has made for a less cranky child, which in turn makes momma happy!My wonderful mother has taught my child how to twist while she's swinging, or "crazy swinging" as Micah Claire calls it. Needless to say M.C. has had to learn the hard way that this crazy swinging can make her hit the side of the swing set and that doesn't feel to good. But, of course this really hasn't stopped her from doing it.

My Little Swinging Monkey!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Note the ugly dead grass; I am soooo ready for summer (minus all the mowing that goes along with it).


Evelyn said...

Love the new family photo!

Misti Strasner said...

Me too! The new photo is so good! I think MC is a good mix of both of you. Hope you all are doing good. You look great!