Friday, January 15, 2010

Jumping for Poop!

We have had a time trying to get Ms. Micah Claire to poop on the potty. She is slowly but surely FINALLY starting to get the hang of it! On Tuesday she pooped 2 times on the potty at Memaw's house. She was so excited she couldn't wait to tell us. And her Daddy was soooo excited that he let her jump on the trampoline Tuesday night till it got dark. It's been so cold since Christmas that she hasn't got to spend a lot of time on it. So needless to say she was super pumped that she got to spend so much time on her trampoline!

Here's to hoping the pooping on the potty streak continues!


Alison said...

Congrats! We're fighting the same fight. Ours will go all day and night now but won't tell us when she needs to, so if she needs to go before her "scheduled time", she...well...just goes in her underwear.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Brooke, Micah Claire's trampoline makes me smile :) It reminds me of the one you had when we lived on O'Connell (sp?) Street when we were kids! I remember jumping on it with your little brother too :)

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Of course I remember Brent! He used to call me "corny"!!! LOL!