Friday, February 12, 2010

We Finally Got Some Snow!!!!

For weeks NWA & Central Arkansas have been getting pounded by ice and snow but we haven't gotten any of that here in SW Arkansas. But that all changed yesterday afternoon. It started snowing early afternoon and didn't stop till late last night. Micah Claire was so excited, she couldn't wait to get out there and play this morning. Her very first steps on snow! Her first time to ever touch snow! The gleam in her eye was enough to make this momma cry!

Her first stop was the trampoline of course. She was in snow, trampoline heaven..... if there is such a thing.

M.C. making her snow bounce.... as she says

M.C. trying to get mommy on the trampoline.... and of course I couldn't resist. I remember how much fun my little brother and me use to have doing this oh so many years ago!

I couldn't get this kid to keep her gloves on. She wanted to touch the snow with her bare hands. She loved walking through the snow and getting to see her foot prints ( or my feet marks as she says) She wanted to build a snowman soooo bad, but we just didn't get enough to do that; maybe next time!

You would think with all the snow she wouldn't have cared to be on her silly bike.... but no,not this child!

I had a great plans for writing her name in the snow and taking beautiful, priceless pictures, but My 2 year didn't have the same plans (imagine that!)

I just happened to snap this picture, right before she ruined all my plans. (It's ok M.C. I still love ya knuckle head!)

She wanted to walk right through it
And through it some more.... Till it was gone.

I love where we live. We were so bless to have found this land. We have 5.3 acres and are surrounded by many more beautiful rolling acres. This is the hill right off our drive way.

And this is the old barn with a creek in front of it right out our back door.

But this is my favorite. There are 2 times when I really love this view; 1) When the pear trees are blooming white in Spring and 2) when it's covered snow!