Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy's 30th Birthday day party with a little surprise for all!

Let me start by telling you that on Friday January 22nd we were getting ready to go watch the Arkadelphia Badgers take on the De Queen Leopards. We were running late (of course) I was doing 90 things at one time and not paying attention to what M.C. was saying. She kept on and on and on... so I finally stopped and said WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SAYING MICAH CLAIRE???? She said something about taking the baby with us. I said what baby and she said your baby. I again said what baby are you talking about and she pointed to my belly and said the baby in your belly. I said is it a girl baby or a boy baby and she said " A BOY BABY!" Shawn looked at me and I didn't know what to say. We just kind of joked it it off. Then 3 days later we took a test and IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've been keeping are secret for a while now but now we are finally ready to share our EXCITING NEWS! We are expecting our second child at the end of September! We are officially a little over 13 weeks along and doing great (now that the morning sickness has gone away;hopefully for good!) We've had 2 OBGYN appointments thus far and our first ultrasound on March 4th.

We were really nervous that after this visit M.C was for sure going to spill the beans to anybody and everybody. HOWEVER..... this was also the day we got Lamont. So lucky getting that silly fish kept her from remembering or really even talking about the baby.
We decided to tell my family and some friends last night at my 30th birthday party. We had to take a few pics with M.C. before we actually left for Nana's house.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Just melts my heart like butter on a warm biscuit.Poppa was so excited and he just couldn't believe the news. He asked 20 times if we were kidding him!Papaw,Ms. Debbie and M.C. Aunt Ashley, Uncle Eric and M.C.!
And this was my cake that my dad had made for me. Let me explain the "Big Momma" on the cake. M.C. calls everything "BIG" like big boy Lamont, big boy Bruce and one day (in front of my dad) she called me big momma. If you know my dad you know it stuck like glue with him and he'll never let me live it down. And of course he thought it would be fun to put that my cake and surprise me with it.

M.C. helping "big momma" blow out her candles.

This poor child is so addicted to blowing out candles. She made Nana and Papaw re-light them 5 times just so she could blow them out over and over and over again.

Me and Shannon! She was SUPER mad that I had kept my secret from her for so long! Sorry Shannon!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

M.C. and Cadie Belle! The cutest 2 girls in the world!
Aunt Ashley, Shannon, and Big Momma (LOL)!

And last but certainly not least here is a sneak peak at the newest member of our family! I really felt it was a boy because 1. my child said so; DUH!!! LOL 2. I was never sick one day with M.C. and I have been sick as a dog with this child. But when the did the sonogram the baby's heart rate was 173 which is really high; higher than M.C.'s was at 164. And they say girls have really high heart rates so that now really makes me think it just might be a girl. Well we will know for sure in a few short weeks! Please keep our family in your prayers are we embark on the new and exciting journey that God has provided us!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppa Stan

Wednesday was Poppa Stan's Birthday. So we had Nana and Poppa over for dinner and cake!

M.C. was couldn't wait to light the candles. Nana had to light them 3 different times because M.C. kept blowing them out. M.C. and Nana made Poppa this super cute and yummy cake! She was so excited for him to open the present she got him. He tore one piece of the paper and she squealed "it's shoes for you!" So much for secrets!!!!

M.C. helping Poppa blow all those candles out
Yummy cake!
SO yummy she had to lick it with her tongue; lol!

So Yummy she had to have some of Nana's cake after she finished her cake.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!

Yesterday afternoon Micah Claire and I went to take some spring pictures on the campus of OBU. I attended college here and Shawn and I were married at Berry Chapel 7 years ago last week. She was so excited to be there. I really wanted to get some shots by the columns to match some of our outdoor wedding pictures. I think I took 50 and maybe got 3 kinda good ones...oh well that's life with a 2 1/2 year old.

I really thought Friday of Spring Break at 3pm that all students would be gone and the campus would be a ghost town. But of course I was wrong, there were still plenty of them around hooting, hollering and caring on (I would be too if I was getting a Spring break so I can't really blame them!). Needless to say that caught my child's attention more than her mommy did. Then we Had to stop for a foot itch

Even though there are a ton of shadows in this picture, I think it's still my fav!!!

Once again those rowdy OBU kids stole her attention.

I asked her to smell the flowers and she did, but.........Apparently they didn't smell too good! LOL!!!

Happy Spring from the Cowart Family!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life with a 2 1/2 year old

On Thursday Micah Claire officially turned 2 1/2 years old. I've always heard about the "terrible twos." Not that my child is perfectly behaved by ANY means, but her behavior was nothing like I thought/heard it would be. Well..... let me tell you that all changed about 2 weeks ago. I have no idea where that child went, but we now have a child who whines almost 24/7; every thing is DRAMA, tears and Hellish (excuse my french) fits. Man oh Man it's enough to make ya want to pull your hair out and some days even enough to make you beg your OBGYN to sterilize you!!!!!!! HA. I know, I know... this too shall pass..... and dear Lord I hope it passes soon! So here are 2 1/2 year pics! She is 36 1/2 inches and 32#'s; still over the 99th% for height.. that's my tall girl!

And of course we can't have a picture without a little bit of dancing.. M.C. style!

And we officially moved out of our baby crib and into our new BIG GIRL BED!!!! If you can't tell she was over the moon about her new bed. Our new bedding, curtains and decorations should be in soon and well have to post pics when it's all complete

I was worried that she would wake at night and head straight for our bed. But much to my surprise she hasn't yet (knock on wood, I know!). She still sleeps all night and hollers for me to come get her every morning at 6:15am! Yep my child WILL NOT sleep past 6:15am; LUCKY ME!
And we have a new addition to the Cowart Family.... his name is Lamont. Shawn went to Dallas for several days last week. He told M.C. if she pooped in the potty every night while he was gone he would buy her a fish. Well... she pooped in the potty 4 nights in a row so we loaded up and headed to PetCo last Thursday to get our new Beta Fish. Needless to say the child is now back to REFUSING to poop in the potty; DEAR LORD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is Lamont. Okay so your probably asking WHY did you name this fish Lamont! Well it was here Daddy's idea. He loves the Cosby show; especially the show where Rudy had a pet fish named "Lamont" who died and the entire family had a funeral for him and then flushed him down the potty (Ring a bell???). So there's your explanation on "Lamont." Look at that smile! PRICELESS Lamont officially resided in M.C. bed room now. We had to hide the fish food b/c she wanted to feed him ALL the time. So in his best interest we moved the food to "adult territory!"