Monday, March 8, 2010

Life with a 2 1/2 year old

On Thursday Micah Claire officially turned 2 1/2 years old. I've always heard about the "terrible twos." Not that my child is perfectly behaved by ANY means, but her behavior was nothing like I thought/heard it would be. Well..... let me tell you that all changed about 2 weeks ago. I have no idea where that child went, but we now have a child who whines almost 24/7; every thing is DRAMA, tears and Hellish (excuse my french) fits. Man oh Man it's enough to make ya want to pull your hair out and some days even enough to make you beg your OBGYN to sterilize you!!!!!!! HA. I know, I know... this too shall pass..... and dear Lord I hope it passes soon! So here are 2 1/2 year pics! She is 36 1/2 inches and 32#'s; still over the 99th% for height.. that's my tall girl!

And of course we can't have a picture without a little bit of dancing.. M.C. style!

And we officially moved out of our baby crib and into our new BIG GIRL BED!!!! If you can't tell she was over the moon about her new bed. Our new bedding, curtains and decorations should be in soon and well have to post pics when it's all complete

I was worried that she would wake at night and head straight for our bed. But much to my surprise she hasn't yet (knock on wood, I know!). She still sleeps all night and hollers for me to come get her every morning at 6:15am! Yep my child WILL NOT sleep past 6:15am; LUCKY ME!
And we have a new addition to the Cowart Family.... his name is Lamont. Shawn went to Dallas for several days last week. He told M.C. if she pooped in the potty every night while he was gone he would buy her a fish. Well... she pooped in the potty 4 nights in a row so we loaded up and headed to PetCo last Thursday to get our new Beta Fish. Needless to say the child is now back to REFUSING to poop in the potty; DEAR LORD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is Lamont. Okay so your probably asking WHY did you name this fish Lamont! Well it was here Daddy's idea. He loves the Cosby show; especially the show where Rudy had a pet fish named "Lamont" who died and the entire family had a funeral for him and then flushed him down the potty (Ring a bell???). So there's your explanation on "Lamont." Look at that smile! PRICELESS Lamont officially resided in M.C. bed room now. We had to hide the fish food b/c she wanted to feed him ALL the time. So in his best interest we moved the food to "adult territory!"


Unknown said...

Cute dress ; )

Alison said...

Yep - that was about the time that Zoe really hit the "terrible twos". I hear the threes are worse. If it's anything like mine, it'll just be a short lived stage...mind you, not short enough, but it'll end for a few weeks or months and then start again. We're in one of those right now and have been for about two weeks. Just pure clue where it comes from but it's like a button. Hopefully she'll fall into the same kind of routine and it's not an ongoing thing. Hang in there!

Kristin said...

But she sure is cute!!! Jake had a bad case of the 2 1/2's, too! Still does!!! :)

Misti Strasner said...

My very favorite episode of the Cosby show is about Lamont. They gave him a burial at sea. Didn't Vanessa come dressed in a leotard? I hope MC's Lamont doesn't end up the same way as Rudy's Lamont.