Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!

Yesterday afternoon Micah Claire and I went to take some spring pictures on the campus of OBU. I attended college here and Shawn and I were married at Berry Chapel 7 years ago last week. She was so excited to be there. I really wanted to get some shots by the columns to match some of our outdoor wedding pictures. I think I took 50 and maybe got 3 kinda good ones...oh well that's life with a 2 1/2 year old.

I really thought Friday of Spring Break at 3pm that all students would be gone and the campus would be a ghost town. But of course I was wrong, there were still plenty of them around hooting, hollering and caring on (I would be too if I was getting a Spring break so I can't really blame them!). Needless to say that caught my child's attention more than her mommy did. Then we Had to stop for a foot itch

Even though there are a ton of shadows in this picture, I think it's still my fav!!!

Once again those rowdy OBU kids stole her attention.

I asked her to smell the flowers and she did, but.........Apparently they didn't smell too good! LOL!!!

Happy Spring from the Cowart Family!


Holly and Beau said...

Love the pictures!! MC has grown so much- she is absolutely precious!