Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter at Mimi and Poppa Mike's house yesterday with the entire Cowart clan.

Micah Claire, Colton and Cooper! M.C. wasn't to fond of him because he kept nibbling on her. Mimi, M.C. and busy body Madelyn.

I finally got her to sit still for a second so that I could get a picture of her. I can't believe how fast this little red head cutie pie is growing!

On the anticipation of the egg hunt..........

They were not to happy to have to stop and take pictures before they could go out and hunt eggs. I took 5 pictures and in every one of them Emily was making some kind of silly

Let the hunt begin!! M.C. found one!

And with a little help from Uncle Brian she found another one.
And then she stumbled upon the GOLDEN EGG (thanks to Daddy and Uncle Brain).

It had $5 dollars in it; but she could have cared less. After this picture she turned to Emily and said: here Emiwee you can have it! That's my sweet girl!

Then she told me, I'm tired of hunting eggs, can somebody carry me. Bless her heart she's been sick with a runny nose and fever since Thursday afternoon. But we are slowly getting better!

Then it was time for a little swinging; courtesy of Uncle Brian. When we got home, Nana told us that the Easter Bunny had stopped by and decorated all 10 of our Bradford Pear tress with ribbons and Easter eggs. M.C. was soooooo excited!

She couldn't keep her hands off the eggs for one second!
This morning she awoke to find that Easter Bunny had returned to bring her a basket full of goodies.
Look at that smile; such excitement!
He even brought her one whole dollar!

And some bracelets

And several pairs of super cool sunglasses

And a whole bunch of rings. And of course she had to put them all on at the same time; too cute!

This is the card that we sent out to some of our family and friends last weekend. This was our way of announcing that we were pregnant. You would not believe how confused this card made people. I had several people ask me if we got a new dog! I MEAN REALLY?????? I had no idea it was going to be so difficult for people to figure out what this meant. I told Shawn if we ever (and that's a SUPER slim chance) have another baby.... well just send a letter that says " We're having another baby retards!" LOL!!! Just kidding... NO offense to all my family and friends.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Easter weekend!


Misti Strasner said...

That red hair is the sweetest thing ever!!! How are you feeling??

Anonymous said...

hahahahah that cracks me up! really people didn't get it??
Two kids.... mini van around the corner! It has been 14 yrs and I am finally done w/ the van!