Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Little Gymnast!

Tonight Micah Claire had her end of the year gymnastics exhibition. She did a great job and had a room full of family there to watch; Nana, Papaw Barry, Ms. Debbie, Mimi, and Poppa Mike all came to watch.

Working on those splits....we're so close!Building those muscles doing pull-ups

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Sissy

On Thursday we had our big ultrasound. Micah Claire was so excited; she kept saying I'm gonna see my sissy on the tv. Ms. Linda told us that she was 100% sure it's a girl and that she looked great! This little one just couldn't keep her hands out of her mouth; looks like we might have a thumb sucker this time; YIKES!Her profile looks just like Micah Claire's did. I wonder just how much they are going to favor.And of course when we turned it to 3-D to get a picture of her face she covered her face up with both arms. I guess she's a little camera shy! :)And here it is; her girl parts in all her glory; lol. No way she could be mistaken for a boy! M.C. showing off her picture of her little sissy.

Look at that smile; That's one happy BIG SISTER

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our First week at Fun Time

On Monday Micah Claire officially started at Ms.Mae's Fun Time. I was super nervous about how she was going to do; but much to my surprise she didn't cry one tear drop when I left. Of course we had to a few pictures before we headed out the door.

I was a nervous wreck all morning worrying about her and how she was acting so I called Ms. Mae around 11 and she said they were doing great. She even sent me some pictures of M.C. at lunch, M.C. at learning time and M.C. at nap time and that really helped to calm this momma down!

They said she only teared up a few times on Monday; but nothing major!!!! I was so proud of her for doing so good on her first day that I just had to take her to Sonic for her favorite treat.... a grape slush. And as you can see she was super happy to get it!

So then came Tuesday. She was up and ready to go to Ms. Mae's bright and early. I couldn't believe things were going so great!

More pictures by her purple flowers; can you tell this is her FAVORITE spot to take pictures, LOL! Tuesday they said she only teared up 2 times; YEP this tickled me pink!

Then came Wednesday and she only got upset one time! YIPEEEEE So we had dinner with Poppa and Nana and celebrated with some yummy cupcakes!

Now that's one happy girl!
Thursday we had our big ultrasound so she only stayed till noon. They said she from 9am on she kept saying my mommy's coming; is my mommy here yet and kept going to the window looking for me. (Lesson learned: DON'T Tell her she's leaving early ever again!)

Okay, then comes Friday! I for sure thought we had this in the bag. Four days in row no real problems or meltdowns; we got this in the bag.

Still a happy girl; already to go to Ms. Mae's and have some fun.

Well.... that all changed when we walked into her room. This child fell apart and had a total melt down. It took 2 teachers to pull her off of me. She was screaming and crying uncontrollably; every child in the room was starring at her (I'm sure wondering what in the world is wrong with her). When I picked her up at 3:oo her teacher said she cried for me all day long. URRRR really kid; you decide to have a melt down after a whole week there. I don't work on Friday's and I really think she new it was Friday and that I wasn't going to work and that played a major role with her break down. By 6pm Friday night she has a fever of 101 and a runny nose. She's never been around that many kids for that long so I'm sure she caught a little bug. So... all in all.. I hoping her not feeling good and her knowing I wasn't working are the reasons for her behavior. I am so hoping that she is back to a happy, no crying girl on Monday morning!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Forever our Memaw!

This was Micah Claire's last week at Memaw's house. She has gone to Memaw's since she was only 13 weeks old. We had a sitter all lined out who was going to keep M.C. out our house and then just a few weeks before I was to return to work that feel through. I was a basket case; there was no way in the world I was going to put my baby in a daycare environment. Then out of now where God placed Memaw in our life and the rest is history.

M.C. carrying her bag out to the car for the last time!

4 mornings a week we cross over these Railroad tracks and usually one to two mornings we will see the cho-cho train. This week we saw it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. But Thursday morning we "just missed it" ( as M.C. says). As we went over the tracks she said that's okay, maybe tomorrow! Now when she usually says this it doesn't phase me. But this particular day I lost it. It hit me that she was wrong.... there would be no more tomorrows... this was our last time to do this. That realization on top of my pregnancy hormones turned me into a water work show. Poor M.C. didn't know what was going on. She kept asking saying "what's wrong Mommy; why are you crying?"

And here she is... our MeMaw. There are no words to express how I feel about this women, how much this woman has done for us; how much I owe this women. She has loved and cared for our child since she was only 13 weeks old. Memaw has loved (and SPOILED) this child like she was her very own. God couldn't have placed a better women into our life. THANK YOU MEMAW!!!
As sad as I am that M.C. will no longer be staying with Memaw; I am extremely excited that she will be starting Ms. Mae's Fun Time on Monday. We spent an hour there last Friday and another 2 hours there today. Micah Claire loves it there, she loves Ms. Vanessa, she loves all the kids, she loves the big play ground, and she loves the lunch room! I am little nervous about how Monday will go when I have to really leave her there. I am so hoping and praying that she doesn't scream and cry; that will crush my soul to have to walk out and leave her that up set.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

32 months pics

Last week Micah Claire turned 32 months. (Yep, I'm a little behind yet again... agian no excuse other than just being too tired.) I keep asking myself when I will quit counting how many months old she is; but I haven't answered myself yet; LOL! I sure hope that one day I'm not posting her 427 month pics, ha!

Here she is in her new hot pink bean bag chair; she LOVES it and has to show it to everybody who comes over. When she first got it she said: Oh Momma I love it, thank you so much! Then after a few minutes she said: Why doesn't it have a Razorback on it? I could have died laughing; now that's one true Razorback Fan Right There!
Yep, still still ges the itch to dance when I'm taking her pictures!