Friday, May 14, 2010

Forever our Memaw!

This was Micah Claire's last week at Memaw's house. She has gone to Memaw's since she was only 13 weeks old. We had a sitter all lined out who was going to keep M.C. out our house and then just a few weeks before I was to return to work that feel through. I was a basket case; there was no way in the world I was going to put my baby in a daycare environment. Then out of now where God placed Memaw in our life and the rest is history.

M.C. carrying her bag out to the car for the last time!

4 mornings a week we cross over these Railroad tracks and usually one to two mornings we will see the cho-cho train. This week we saw it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. But Thursday morning we "just missed it" ( as M.C. says). As we went over the tracks she said that's okay, maybe tomorrow! Now when she usually says this it doesn't phase me. But this particular day I lost it. It hit me that she was wrong.... there would be no more tomorrows... this was our last time to do this. That realization on top of my pregnancy hormones turned me into a water work show. Poor M.C. didn't know what was going on. She kept asking saying "what's wrong Mommy; why are you crying?"

And here she is... our MeMaw. There are no words to express how I feel about this women, how much this woman has done for us; how much I owe this women. She has loved and cared for our child since she was only 13 weeks old. Memaw has loved (and SPOILED) this child like she was her very own. God couldn't have placed a better women into our life. THANK YOU MEMAW!!!
As sad as I am that M.C. will no longer be staying with Memaw; I am extremely excited that she will be starting Ms. Mae's Fun Time on Monday. We spent an hour there last Friday and another 2 hours there today. Micah Claire loves it there, she loves Ms. Vanessa, she loves all the kids, she loves the big play ground, and she loves the lunch room! I am little nervous about how Monday will go when I have to really leave her there. I am so hoping and praying that she doesn't scream and cry; that will crush my soul to have to walk out and leave her that up set.


Thoughts turned prayer... said...
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Thoughts turned prayer... said...

My orginal comment said: You are a wonderful mother and have placed her into a wonderful environment and she is a well adjusted child. God has blessed you all!. She will do great where ever she goes. Congrats on your pregnancy! Love, Sue

Misti Strasner said...

Sophie has someone similar, but the kids call her Grandma. She has gone there for two years and it is going to kill me when she starts a preschool two days a week this August and doesn't go to Gma's anymore. So, I feel for you!